Breez makes innovative CBD products and sells them to other retailers to make their products easily accessible to the general public.


To make its products more accessible to consumers, Breez sells its CBD products to retailers located throughout the country. They have also created their website called FindBreeze where customers can find those retailers and delivery services that supply their products. The purpose of the website is to help customers find retailers.

With that said, Breez is essentially a B2B business and sells to other retailers and shop owners. Retailers being their main customers, Breez rolled out a unique promotional program for those retailers that included giving away free products to the employees of those retail shops.

Breez wanted to set up a simple webpage on their existing WordPress website. They wanted that page to be gated behind a code, which only the employees of the retail shops had access to. When those employees entered the code and got access to the page, they could ‘reserve’ the products they wanted for free.

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Proposed Solution

Our expert WordPress developers developed several features on their existing website to allow the client to run this promotional campaign. Uploading Access Codes in the form of CSV:

We developed a feature that allowed the admin to upload access codes in a CSV file to the WordPress dashboard. When uploaded the access codes would be encrypted so the admin could view them in their masked form.

Validation of Access Codes:

We wrote the code to run a validation process whenever a user entered the access code. That process would check if the code matched against the codes uploaded in the database. If it did, it made sure it wasn’t redeemed before. On clearing the validation process, the user would be granted access to the promotional landing page.

Development of the Promotional Landing Page:

The client wanted us to put up a simple webpage that looked like a Command Prompt. When an employee got access after entering in the code, they would be shown a slider of products displaying one product on each slide with a button underneath to ‘Reserve’ the product. The employee could choose any product for their free gift box and use the button to reserve.

A Slider with 360-Degree Images:

We used the Magic 360 and SA Slider WordPress plugins to create a slider on the landing page that displayed products in a 360-degree view – with a Reserve button underneath. Shortcodes were used to display the 360-degree views of products on the slider.

Taking the Employee’s Details:

When an employee clicked the Reserve button, a modal would open with a form created using Gravity Forms. This form asked for the employee’s details like name, email address, and the location of the shop. The field of ‘Shop Location’ was a dropdown that fetched locations stored in their WordPress website as a custom post type. The employee could only select one of those locations. Upon entering the details, an email notification would shoot out to both the admin and the employee about the product reserved and the details submitted.

Integration with MailChimp:

Finally, we integrated that form with their MailChimp account to sync data across all their different platforms.


With our WordPress Development Solution, our client rolled out the promotional campaign that allowed them to retain their retail customers and increase their customer loyalty.

The custom landing page we developed and the workflow we created using custom WordPress development gave a unique ‘gamified’ look and feel to our client’s promotional landing page.

Giving their customers the ability to choose their own gift for their gift box made the promotion campaign all the more appealing.

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