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Cyberize It

Cyberize It is a state-of-the-art, online notarization platform that connects consumers and notaries together. It’s a platform where people can seamlessly and digitally get their papers signed and sealed by a notary while also enabling notaries to provide their services in exchange for a fee.

Project Name :

Cyberize It

Client Name :

Ron Horne

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Our client, a dedicated and determined entrepreneur, knew that the only way to build a successful business was to stand out, do something remarkable, and tap into an industry where competition wasn’t too fierce. An online notarization platform was it. But there was a reason why the competition was low. The sheer number of complexities involved in online notarization processes raised the barrier to entry. And that’s exactly where Codup specializes. Our award-winning team has a knack for simplifying complex business problems. With our fine-tuned project development processes and a talented team of software and QA Engineers, we gave our 100% to make this project a success, deliver it on time, and build a seamless notarization platform that brought our client’s vision to life.

Proposed Solution

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We used Node JS, React JS, and MySQL to build an end-to-end eCommerce marketplace that connects notaries with their customers. We built three types of users in the Cyberize It platform:

  • Admin that controlled the whole platform and managed users
  • Customers who signed up to get notarization services
  • Notaries who signed up to offer their notarization and witnessing services
Our client provided us with workflows for each type of user that mapped out their entire journey with different possible scenarios at each step. After creating wireframes from those workflows, our UX designer stepped in and created mockups. Once the mockups were ready, the development process began. Sprints and milestones were planned with QAs testing and reporting at every step of the process and developers iterating to fix all issues. The Team Lead regularly reviewed the code to make sure it was clean and simple. We built the following modules in the Cyberize It platform: Customer Requesting a Notary Service We built functionality that allowed customers to do the following:
  • Sign up as a customer
  • Start a notarization
  • Select a notary either from his saved primary notary or from available notaries
  • Add a payment method and pay the platform fee
  • Upload documents to be signed via Adobe Sign
  • Complete a KBA (Knowledge Base Authentication) and checklist of requirements
  • Join zoom call with the notary
  • Sign the documents where the notary added placeholders
  • Have the documents sealed by the notary
  • Have the additional fee of witnesses and notary’s seals deducted from the payment method entered earlier
  • Download the documents

Notary Providing the Service

The functionalities we built for notaries on Cyberize It included the following:

  • Allow notaries to sign up and have their accounts approved
  • View his/her regular customers
  • View In-Progress Notarizations
  • Ability to accept/reject a notarization request by the customer
  • Ability to invite other notaries as witnesses
  • Invite all participants and stakeholders to a zoom meeting after everyone completed their KBA
  • Add placeholders on documents uploaded by the customer
  • Seal the documents
  • Charge a fee and receive payment for their service


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By building the Cyberize It online notarization marketplace, Codup was able to bring our client’s vision to life. Our agile development processes allowed our client to go to market much faster than what it would have taken for a complex project of this size.