Cyberize It

Cyberize It is a state-of-the-art, online notarization platform that connects consumers and notaries together. It’s a platform where people can seamlessly and digitally get their papers signed and sealed by a notary while also enabling notaries to provide their services in exchange for a fee.




Product Development


  • The LawTech startup founder was one of the first few pioneers that had a vision of digitally transforming the otherwise hectic and troublesome notarization process.
  • With a government background herself, the female tech founder had the vision to build a complete online notarization platform that would connect notaries and customers and enable them to complete the whole legal process digitally.
  • With online notarization starting to become legalized in the US, our client wanted to jump on the bandwagon earlier and profit her idea and vision.
  • The goal was to build the initial MVP of the Online Notarization Platform and then improve upon it via agile and lean startup methodologies.


  • Backend is built on NodeJS using Express framework with MySQL database.
  • Third-party integrations with Zoom for video calling, AdobeSign for E-signature, Idology for KBA (Knowledge-based authentication) verification, and Stripe connect for Payment real time split payments between 3-5 parties.
  • Added types of users: Admin, Customers, and Notaries.
  • Built 2 modules in the initial phase that digitized the whole notarization process on both sides: customers and notaries.
  • The journey to complete the process from both sides was mapped and researched and wireframes and workflow diagrams built.
  • A comprehensive solution was designed and developed that streamlined the notarization processes.
  • Added a module in next phase where a group of notaries can make a Professional Services Account with permissions to assign jobs to different notaries.
  • Enabled facial recognition and biometric functionality as an additional feature for ID proofing.
  • Built a job board for posting notarization and witnesses jobs.


The first quarter saw remarkable success for a digital notary platform, which onboarded notaries in 33 states and acquired over 1,000 customers, largely due to its user-friendly design and accessibility. This success led to high customer satisfaction and earned the platform a Web Excellence Award in 2022. Notably, the platform reduced manual work for notaries, enabling them to handle multiple cases simultaneously, thereby increasing productivity. Features such as real-time document tracking and secure storage were particularly appreciated by users, enhancing the overall user experience. This innovation has revolutionized the notary sector by facilitating access to services from anywhere, eliminating geographical constraints and making it easier and more efficient for customers to find reliable notary services.

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