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"They were able to find a way to achieve everything we required." CEO, Slant Six "They are good at communicating." Marketing Manager, Resqme Inc. "They're responsive and receptive to our random scope creep." Director, CBD Manufacturer

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custom sotware project for ingram micro

Twilio API Integration for Automation in SMS Updates

We developed a custom Freshdesk app for Ingram Micro, incorporating features that allowed for the automation of ticket assignment based on rules and criteria. Additionally, we integrated the Freshdesk software with Twilio API to send automated SMS updates to customers regarding their ticket status. 


Custom Application to Enhance Employee Productivity

Faced with the challenge of employees receiving an excessive number of survey emails from Freshservice, Stitch Fix partnered with Codup to devise a solution. We created a custom Freshservice app that allowed Stitch Fix to set custom rules to limit the number of Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) emails sent to users.

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Middle Ware

Codup resolves intricate integration challenges by securely connecting distributed systems through the development of scalable middleware solutions. Our services empower businesses to attain higher operational efficiency, with rapid problem resolution and increased productivity. 

Custom API

With a wealth of experience in software development, we have the expertise to create tailored API solutions that enable seamless and secure exchange of data and functionality, thus promoting application connectivity.

eCommerce API

Elevate your eCommerce business with seamless API integrations that effortlessly connect your online store with payment gateways, inventory systems, and third-party platforms, streamlining operations and enhancing customer experiences.

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Lea Cauet
Lea Cauet
Digital Marketing Manager, Instent
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Asim and his team are great developers. We are working with them on a regular basis for several projects from simple ones to complex ones and they are doing a great job. Communication is smooth and regular. The team is very responsive, reactive, and reliable! If any issue or unexpected scenario happens, they always try to find the best solutions.
Andrew Wyatt
Andrew Wyatt
Global Director, Steelcase
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They’re very clear in communications, keeping tickets and communications organized on Trello. They have a great process that makes discussions and tracking progress easy to follow. They’re the total package: very competent in their field and easy to work with. They’re also reasonably priced.
Trisha Singh
Trisha SinghMarketing Manager, NWF
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We got good quality development from them. Being able to go back and forth with them to find bugs and fix them was great. They were able to work with our developers’ skill level to help wherever they needed to deploy and test everything
Lacey Weaver
Lacey Weaver
Owner at Roping Calender
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They do exactly what they say they will do when they say they will do it. They provide consistent communication throughout the process providing updates, discoveries and possibilities.They are incredibly transparent on project scope and work hours, making detailed time-logs available at all times.
Brian Hunter
Brian Hunter
Director of Marketing, Kinect Solar
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I’m impressed with Codup’s proactive approach. Additionally, they’re not interested in selling unnecessary things; they want to be honest. They tell me the pros and cons of each decision and let me make the call, which I appreciate.
Tom Myatt
Tom Myatt
Digital Managing Editor, The Legal 500
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I’m impressed by the speed at which Codup can work. The budget is also much better value than we’d get with UK-based development agencies. Additionally, because they have a bigger team, people can jump into the project with specifics that need to be addressed on various levels.

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FAQs - API Integration Services

API integration involves connecting different software applications through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to enable seamless data exchange and functionality sharing between them.

API integration streamlines processes by automating data sharing between your various software systems. It enhances efficiency, accuracy, and overall workflow while reducing manual tasks.

APIs can integrate a wide range of systems, including databases, third-party software, cloud services, payment gateways, social media platforms, and more.

API integration can lead to faster decision-making, improved customer experiences, reduced data entry errors, enhanced scalability, and the ability to leverage the capabilities of different software.

The process involves identifying compatible APIs, establishing connections, configuring data flow, testing integration, and implementing error handling. Regular monitoring ensures continued smooth operation.

Both options are possible. We can integrate pre-built APIs if they suit your needs, or we can develop custom APIs tailored to your specific requirements.

Security is a priority. We implement authentication methods, data encryption, and secure coding practices to ensure that data exchanged between systems remains confidential and protected.

Yes, API integrations can be updated, modified, or expanded as your business needs change. However, proper planning and communication are essential to minimize disruptions.

The timeline varies depending on factors such as the complexity of systems, data mapping, and testing. We’ll provide a project timeline after evaluating your specific integration requirements.

Yes, we can integrate APIs from various vendors to create a cohesive and efficient solution that aligns with your business goals.

While technical expertise can be helpful, we can provide training and documentation to ensure your team can effectively manage and monitor the integrated APIs.