Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro is the world’s leading distributor of technology products and supply chain services to businesses worldwide. Their range of products and services helps businesses fully realize the promise of technology.


Systems Integration


Ingram Micro was confronted with challenges in optimizing their customer service processes. Despite utilizing Freshdesk for customer support, inefficiencies persisted, necessitating enhanced functionality and efficiency in their help desk software to elevate the customer experience.


Codup, with its expertise in custom development, devised a tailored solution to augment Ingram Micro’s customer service efficiency.

The enhancements included:

Custom App for Freshdesk:
    • Developed a custom app to enhance the functionality of Freshdesk.
    • Incorporated features to streamline ticket assignment and status updates.
Rule-Based Ticket Assignment:
    • Enabled the creation of rules for automatic ticket assignment based on specific criteria.
    • Ensured tickets were assigned to the appropriate group of agents, enhancing response efficiency.
Twilio API Integration:
  • Integrated Freshdesk with Twilio API for automated SMS notifications.
  • Customers received real-time SMS updates on their ticket status, improving communication and transparency.


The implementation of the custom Freshdesk app yielded significant improvements in Ingram Micro’s customer service operations:

Enhanced Efficiency:
    • The rule-based ticket assignment ensured a swift and appropriate response to customer queries, reducing response time.
Improved Communication:
    • The integration with Twilio API facilitated real-time communication with customers, enhancing their experience and satisfaction.
Strengthened Customer Relationships:
    • The streamlined processes and enhanced communication fostered stronger relationships with customers, bolstering Ingram Micro’s reputation in the global market.

With these enhancements, Ingram Micro not only optimized its customer service operations but also fortified its position as a customer-centric global leader in technology distribution.

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