Custom Software Development

Clear in design, and consistent in performance. Our custom software development services ensure that we provide a bespoke software experience for our clients.

Modern business practices have rendered software an integral component for a successful business. Purchasing off-the-shelf software is a great way to fulfill that need. However, for bigger, more complex businesses, off the shelf does not always make the cut.

You need a software solution that equips you with functionalities tailored for your particular business. In short, you need custom software. Codup focuses on providing its clients with high-quality and efficient custom software solutions.
Your ideas are our high-priority.

Whether it be customizations of existing software platforms to full-fledged custom software applications that runs parallel to your vision, you can trust Codup in delivering a reliable end-product that fulfills all your expectations.

B2B eCommerce Development Agency

The site has seen increased membership since the new system was integrated. Organized and responsive, utilizes multiple management tools and made themselves available to implement requested changes. Their team’s unified sense of purpose was a highlight of the engagement.

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Enterprise Software Development

Providing your business with the level of functionality that it needs.

In order to support your day-to-day operations, you need a dependable and robust enterprise software solution. The solution in this regard should scale as your business grows. Seamless integration with other enterprise software, automation of business processes, inter and intra-departmental coordination, and overall productivity are all essential factors involved in the development of custom enterprise software.

Our enterprise software solutions focus on both fully-fledged enterprise development to computer-based information systems customizations for CRM, ERP, Collaboration, HR,and Project Management applications.

Codup’s enterprise software development services provide you just that. Our processes ensure that your organization gets the level of sophistication and functionality required to grow, scale, and stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Portal Development

Get state of the art data organization with our portal application development

It is an established fact that data is important for businesses the world over. Organizing that data into useful, useable, information, however, is a different story.

There are several ready-made web portal solutions available online, but you need a solution that integrates information from data unique to your business. From internal features which include navigation, usability, and efficiencies to external features

such as user experience, information relevancy, and database integration, Codup ensures that all of these features are integrated according to the needs and requirements of your business.

Codup offers professional custom web portal development solutions for organizations in multiple industries. From designing and development to maintenance, we help provide feature-rich and industry-specific portal experiences to our clients. Our portal application development services consist of intranet and internet-based web portals for businesses

SaaS and PaaS Software Development

Customized SaaS solutions providing your cloud-based solutions in the cloud.

Backed by an experienced development team, Codup has a diverse portfolio of SaaS software development services that are bootstrapped according to our clients’ specifications.

Using the right product development life cycle and technologies, we provide you customized SaaS applications. From conceptualization to final delivery, we will take you through each step of the process.

Our primary focus with SaaS is providing a relevant customer experience with the help of our UX designers and SaaS developers.

From architecture planning and stakeholder interviews to mapping a customer’s journey, you will find our solutions universally beneficial to your business.

Mobile Application Development

Rather than focus on fads, Codup’s approach to custom mobile application
developmentis based on careful research and analysis that help define your success.

To ensure a bespoke experience for our clients, Codup continually keeps track of all the latest developments in mobile application development technologies.

This domain has seen rapid technological advancements with a plethora of tech options available to build your next custom mobile app. But everything that glitters is not gold. Codup, with its mobile application development services, can help you find that gold.

Our Agile processes include various discussions with the client on how they want their application made, careful analysis of client requirements, devising the various strategies and estimations related to the project, executing those strategies, and testing the finished product so that it works according to the user’s requirements.

When you work with us, our processes ensure that your ideas are developed into a fully functional, and highly customized mobile application.

B2B eCommerce Development Agency

Their work created significant opportunities for expansion. The highly skilled team accommodated specifications and fulfilled requirements. Customers can expect a communicative and accessible offshore partner.

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