B2B eCommerce Development Agency

We provide customized B2B eCommerce solutions. From building a customized B2B online store, to automating workflows , you will find our B2B eCommerce agency services to your liking. Regardless of whether you are a B2B manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, Codup can help deliver a bespoke B2B eCommerce development experience that creates efficiencies for your staff as well as your customers through the use of smart integrations, off-the-shelf, and customized solutions.

B2B eCommerce Development Agency

Codup.co provides top-notch custom coding support that is reasonably priced and timely. In addition to the quality of their work, they're also great to work with all-around–responsive, organized, and very approachable.

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B2B brands expect to move
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For a long time, eCommerce was simply about selling directly to consumers but since the last 4 years, B2B eCommerce has taken center stage. Studies suggest that a large number of B2B brands will get online in the next 2-3 years. The “first-mover” advantage is definitely there. Your competitors have already begun, NOW is the time for YOU to get started.

Digital transformation of your entire selling experience is no small feat and is a treacherous landscape. With our B2B eCommerce development services, you can navigate the landscape safely, create a positive ROI for your business, and keep your customers satisfied.

Turn challenges into opportunities

The B2B landscape is changing and evolving at a breakneck pace. Your buyers are expecting complex workflows to help make their jobs easier but the market doesn't offer enough "off the shelf" solutions that deliver quiet what you need. That's a challenge!

But the right partner can help you navigate this treacherous landscape and provide the most value for your buck. Codup helps its partners make the most of its existing solutions and fills the gap with smart, budget savvy custom solutions deployed at just the right points in your business workflow.

The result is long term solutions, delivered on a budget.

Know what your Customers Want!

Today's B2B buyers believe in staying ahead of the game (especially the Millenials). Instead of embracing prolonged processes on paper and fax machines of the old, they have come to expect the same efficiencies and experience that have become a habit while using sites like Amazon. When buying on a B2B eCommerce store, they expect the same ease of use and flexibility in their buying experience albeit these workflows being substantially more complex than your run of the mill online store.

With Codup’s experience, you don’t need to figure this out alone. We can help understand what your customers need, and deliver customized B2B eCommerce development services that work for your business.

B2B eCommerce Development Agency

Integrated, Data Driven...

More than 80% of B2B brands are struggling to become data-driven organizations. Because it is with complete insight to volume, variety, and velocity of data that they would overcome data silos and boost the performance and efficiency of their numerous work-processes.

We break down data silos by building smart API integrations & connecting internal process through our B2B integrations. This gives your customers the right data at the right time, in the right place to make the right decisions and move your business forward.

Here are a few common use cases for such integrations.

• ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
• CMS (Content Management Systems)
• CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
• SCM (Supply Chain Management)
• PIM (Product Information Management)
• AMS (Association Management Systems)
• WMS (Warehouse Management Systems)
• MAP (Marketing Automation Platforms)

Intuitive front-end, manageable backend B2B design

The UI of B2B eCommerce website should be straightforward to navigate for your clients. At the same time, it should be equipped with robust manageable backend structures. We develop your B2B platform with intuitive front-end which enhances the eCommerce experience of your clients & partners while providing a robust and powerful experience for your staff on the back end.

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B2B eCommerce Development Agency

Codup.co’s B2B eCommerce Development work has increased revenue and leads to their clients. Their team quickly built an online presence and began to expand it, delivering both a quality visual experience and great functionality at the same time. They are communicative and always ready to help keep progress on track.

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