National Wildlife Federation

Working on giving wildlife a voice since 1936, the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) works across America to conserve the country’s wildlife and give it a voice. They’re the largest non-profit organization working to conserve and enhance the natural habitat for wildlife across the country.




eCommerce Development


  • The National Wildlife Federation is the United States' largest private, nonprofit conservation education and advocacy organization, with over six million members and supporters, and 51 state and territorial affiliated organizations.
  • One of their conservative initiatives is to sell plants and trees in the US. However, their products can’t be sold anywhere. Each product can only be sold in certain regions (zip codes). Therefore, NWF required custom features on their Shopify Plus site so that their customers see only the products that they may buy based on their zip code.
  • NWF also required a product recommendation engine to deliver a personalized recommendation to
    customers based on their climate as well as their personal habits. This engine needed to make use of a large product recommendation matrix stored within custom salesforce data objects.


  • Product Listing Page (PLP) filter with zip code verification and product availability based on zip code using real-time Salesforce query integration.
  • Zip code verification on Product Detail Page (PDP) for product availability before adding to cart with real-time Salesforce query integration and error handling for invalid or missing zip codes.
  • Zip code product validator was set up on checkout to ensure the product is sold correctly based on the entered zip code in the shipping address, with a product validation check run through Salesforce CRM and the checkout button being disabled if the product is not available for the shipping address zip code. A popup was to appear to the customer if the product is unavailable for their shipping address region.
  • A multi-step product recommendation quiz was set up on a separate page, consisting of 5 questions, where users can enter a zip code, select reasons for planting natives, specify the space they have for a wildlife garden, the hours of direct sunlight, and provide an email address (optional). All quiz submissions are pushed to Salesforce CRM, and the user is redirected to a filtered product list based on their responses. Quiz and info popups were hardcoded into theme files.
  • Identifying anonymous quiz responders at checkout by checking for the "anonymous quiz" cookie. If present, the customer's email and the auto generated ID was to be pushed to the salesforce API to associate the earlier anonymous quiz submission with the customer's email who later placed an order.
  • All quiz responses were to be pushed to Salesforce via API.


  • A seamless, yet personalized discovery, browsing and checkout experience for NWF users on their ecommerce storefront.
  • Better conversions and higher AOV.
  • Better mortality rates of the plants leading to increased customer loyalty and RCR.
  • Valuable key insights using data produced from personalized recommendations quiz.
  • Additionally, NWF successfully integrated their Shopify Plus site with Salesforce to maintain a single source of truth for customer data.

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