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Leverage big capabilities of BigCommerce to make the most of the open-Saas platform built for fast growing brands. 

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Our BigCommerce Development Services

BigCommerce Implementation - Codup

BigCommerce Implementation

Our BigCommerce experts will work with you closely to configure and implement BigCommerce to meet your specific challenges and align with your user journey.

BigCommerce Website Dev

We’ll develop your eCommerce website on BigCommerce and implement customizations to fit your styling preferences and enhance your user experience with custom features. 

Bigcommerce Theme Development - Codup

BigCommerce Theme Development

Don’t limit your creativity to standard BigCommerce themes available. Talk to our BigCommerce developers to develop a custom BigCommerce theme. 

Bigcommerce API Integration - Codup

BigCommerce API Integrations

Connect BigCommerce with 3rd party applications that your company relies on with BigCommerce API Integation service. 

Bigcommerce App Development

BigCommerce App Development

Extend the native functionality of BigCommerce with custom BigCommerce apps built to meet your unique needs. 

The Work We Have Done
BigCommerce Development

BigCommerce API Integration with Auth0 for Inovelli

Codup implemented a Single-Sign-On authentication system that would allow Inovelli’s users to use a single ID and password to log in to all of their online channels including their BigCommerce store, help desk, and community platform.

BigCommerce Website Development for iUltrasonic

The main problem faced by the client was the outdated theming framework of their website, which was hindering the efficient functionality of the system. This posed a considerable challenge as it was essential to maintain the website’s look and feel while ensuring that all design elements, layout, and functionality were fully supported.  

We are BigDev Certified

Rely on our BigCommerce development expertise and make the most of this feature rich eCommerce platform. We can help you grow bigger and better with BigCommerce. 

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Lea Cauet
Lea Cauet
Digital Marketing Manager, Instent
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Asim and his team are great developers. We are working with them on a regular basis for several projects from simple ones to complex ones and they are doing a great job. Communication is smooth and regular. The team is very responsive, reactive, and reliable! If any issue or unexpected scenario happens, they always try to find the best solutions.
Andrew Wyatt
Andrew Wyatt
Global Director, Steelcase
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They’re very clear in communications, keeping tickets and communications organized on Trello. They have a great process that makes discussions and tracking progress easy to follow. They’re the total package: very competent in their field and easy to work with. They’re also reasonably priced.
Trisha Singh
Trisha Singh
Marketing Manager, NWF
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We got good quality development from them. Being able to go back and forth with them to find bugs and fix them was great. They were able to work with our developers’ skill level to help wherever they needed to deploy and test everything
Lacey Weaver
Lacey Weaver
Owner at Roping Calendar
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They do exactly what they say they will do when they say they will do it. They provide consistent communication throughout the process providing updates, discoveries and possibilities.They are incredibly transparent on project scope and work hours, making detailed time-logs available at all times.
Brian Hunter
Brian Hunter
Director of Marketing, Kinect Solar
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I’m impressed with Codup’s proactive approach. Additionally, they’re not interested in selling unnecessary things; they want to be honest. They tell me the pros and cons of each decision and let me make the call, which I appreciate.
Tom Myatt
Tom Myatt
Digital Managing Editor, The Legal 500
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I’m impressed by the speed at which Codup can work. The budget is also much better value than we’d get with UK-based development agencies. Additionally, because they have a bigger team, people can jump into the project with specifics that need to be addressed on various levels. For example, sometimes, we can start with a senior developer and then scale down the team and use more junior people. Codup can offer this flexibility and breadth of skills, which is very useful for us.

The Codup Formula

Strong Core Values

Codup was built with 3 core values: integrity, dignity, and grit. We do as we say and say as we do, nothing less will do.

Efficient Processes

We have fine-tuned our processes over the years allowing us to deliver top-notch code quality at up to 3x faster than other companies.

Valuable Advisory

We don’t just build what you envision. We’ll advise you on what to do instead when we foresee that your ideas will hurt your time to market and your business.

Top-notch Expectation Setting

We do all we can to ensure that your experience goes smoothly and you don’t face any unpleasant surprises regarding your product delivery.

No Language Barriers

At Codup, nothing gets lost in translations. All 150+ people working at Codup have excellent English language skills ensuring your ideas are not lost in translations.

Timely Delivery

Every project has a dedicated project manager who alongwith superior processes & agile practices ensure on time delivery, without fail.

Technical Expertise

With more than 150+ experts in technology who understand the complexities and the delicacies of clean, scalable coding, we deliver unmatched quality.

Dedicated Project Managers

Having to explain things to different people on the team is frustrating in itself. You'll get a dedicated project manager so you can explain once to one person only.

Quick Responsiveness

Giving a prompt response is as important for us as it if for you. We use multiple channels like email, whatsapp, slack, and SMS to stay in touch with you.

Book a Call for Free Consultation

Book a 30-minute exploratory call with one of our Shopify Plus experts.

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Send us your project details and we’ll get back to you with a ballpark estimate. 

FAQs of BigCommerce Development Services

We’re proud to be  BigDev certified, a testament to our deep understanding and proficiency in navigating the BigCommerce ecosystem. Throughout our journey, we’ve had the privilege of working on multiple projects across various industries, delivering customized, scalable e-commerce solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

One of our notable collaborations has been with brands like Inovelli, where we’ve leveraged our BigCommerce development skills to enhance their online presence, streamline their operations, and ultimately drive sales. Our projects have ranged from building fully responsive, visually appealing sites to integrating complex functionalities and third-party applications, all while ensuring optimal performance and security.

Our extensive experience and proven track record with BigCommerce, combined with our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, make us a trusted partner for businesses looking to maximize their e-commerce potential. Whether you’re looking to migrate to BigCommerce, enhance your existing store, or build a new one from the ground up, our team is equipped to bring your vision to life.

Our extensive experience with the BigCommerce platform is exemplified in our work on two notable projects: Inovelli and iUltrasonic. These projects highlight our ability to tackle complex challenges and deliver customized, impactful e-commerce solutions.

Inovelli Project:

For Inovelli, an American brand specializing in smart home products, we faced the challenge of multiple identity management that led to data silos and a fragmented user experience across eCommerce, customer support, and community forums. Our solution involved integrating BigCommerce with Auth0 for SSO authentication, enabling a unified login experience across all platforms. This integration streamlined the user login process and enhanced data management by ensuring new user data automatically synced with Zoho CRM and campaigns. The outcome was a significantly improved user experience and operational efficiency, demonstrating our capability to solve complex systems integration issues within the BigCommerce environment.

Read complete case study.

iUltrasonic Project:

iUltrasonic, specializing in ultrasonic cleaning technology, required an upgrade from an outdated theming framework that was hampering their site’s performance. We transitioned their BigCommerce site from the “Blueprint” to the “Stencil” theming framework, maintaining the website’s original aesthetics while enhancing its functionality and performance. This project showcases our expertise in not only updating and optimizing BigCommerce sites but also in preserving the brand’s identity and ensuring a seamless transition for the user experience.

Read complete case study.

These projects underscore our proficiency in delivering tailored BigCommerce solutions, from enhancing user experience through system integrations to upgrading and optimizing e-commerce platforms.