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Leverage Codup’s 10+ years of eCommerce development expertise to get bigger results with big capabilities of the BigCommerce Open SaaS ecosystem. We specialize in building visually appealing storefronts and robust back-office solutions to maximize the performance of your online retail operations.

Helping Companies Unlock Big Capabilities of BigCommerce


Seamless Omnichannel Experience on BigCommerce

Codup implemented a Single-Sign-On authentication system that would allow Inovelli’s users to use a single ID and password to log in to all of their online channels including their BigCommerce store, help desk, and community platform.


Migration to the Latest BigCommerce Theming Engine

The main problem faced by the client was the outdated theming framework of their website, which was hindering the efficient functionality of the system. This posed a considerable challenge as it was essential to maintain the website’s look and feel while ensuring that all design elements, layout, and functionality were fully supported. 

BigCommerce Demo Website

BigCommerce Storefront Demo Website with Advanced Product Options

Merch 90 is our demo website built on BigCommerce. Check out the beautiful UI and seamless eCommerce functionality.

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Development Services

Our Expertise in
BigCommerce Development.

As an experienced BigCommerce Development Agency, we specialize in delivering comprehensive design and development services that cater to all your business needs.

Custom Storefronts

With an understanding of BigCommerce’s theming capabilities. we customize and fine-tune existing themes and create visually appealing custom storefronts that capture your brand essence and provide an immersive user experience in just the right balance.

Migration and Replatforming

We seamlessly migrate your ecommerce store to BigCommerce, transferring critical data, mapping every product, and installing essential applications to enhance functionality. We redesign your store for a fresh look and make minor SEO tweaks to prevent negative impact.

BigCommerce App Development

We use cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices to create scalable, modular, and feature-rich applications tailored to your unique business requirements, to help you unlock the full potential of your online store and improve the user experience and increase efficiencies.

API Integrations

Increase your operational efficiencies, streamline processes, and enable data-driven decision-making capabilities by connecting your online store with third-party applications, via RESTful APIs, webhooks, and data pipelines, to automate workflows and enable real-time data exchange.

Headless eCommerce Development

By leveraging modern technologies like GraphQL, API-driven architectures, and microservices, we enable seamless integration with external systems, empower omnichannel experiences, and drive digital transformation in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

Performance Engineering

Through rigorous performance profiling, code optimization, database fine-tuning, and CDN integration, we enhance your store’s performance, achieving lightning-fast page load times, optimal server response, and exceptional scalability to effortlessly handle surges in traffic and drive peak performance.

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The positive feedback and appreciation we receive from our clients serves as a testament of the dedication and expertise of our exceptional team.

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Lea Cauet
Lea Cauet
Digital Marketing Manager, Instent
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Asim and his team are great developers. We are working with them on a regular basis for several projects from simple ones to complex ones and they are doing a great job. Communication is smooth and regular. The team is very responsive, reactive, and reliable! If any issue or unexpected scenario happens, they always try to find the best solutions.
Andrew Wyatt
Andrew Wyatt
Global Director, Steelcase
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They’re very clear in communications, keeping tickets and communications organized on Trello. They have a great process that makes discussions and tracking progress easy to follow. They’re the total package: very competent in their field and easy to work with. They’re also reasonably priced.
Trisha Singh
Trisha SinghMarketing Manager, NWF
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We got good quality development from them. Being able to go back and forth with them to find bugs and fix them was great. They were able to work with our developers’ skill level to help wherever they needed to deploy and test everything
Lacey Weaver
Lacey Weaver
Owner at Roping Calender
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They do exactly what they say they will do when they say they will do it. They provide consistent communication throughout the process providing updates, discoveries and possibilities.They are incredibly transparent on project scope and work hours, making detailed time-logs available at all times.
Brian Hunter
Brian Hunter
Director of Marketing, Kinect Solar
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I’m impressed with Codup’s proactive approach. Additionally, they’re not interested in selling unnecessary things; they want to be honest. They tell me the pros and cons of each decision and let me make the call, which I appreciate.
Tom Myatt
Tom Myatt
Digital Managing Editor, The Legal 500
Read More
I’m impressed by the speed at which Codup can work. The budget is also much better value than we’d get with UK-based development agencies. Additionally, because they have a bigger team, people can jump into the project with specifics that need to be addressed on various levels. For example, sometimes, we can start with a senior developer and then scale down the team and use more junior people. Codup can offer this flexibility and breadth of skills, which is very useful for us.

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Insights of BigCommerce Development

FAQs of BigCommerce Development

Yes, we offer ongoing support and maintenance services for BigCommerce stores. Our team can help you with updates, bug fixes, and any other issues that may arise with your store. We also offer custom support packages to fit the specific needs of your business.

Yes, you can use your existing domain name with a BigCommerce store. BigCommerce offers options for domain name integration and provides guidance on the process.

BigCommerce offers a variety of customizable templates and themes that allow you to create a unique and branded storefront. You can modify these templates to match your specific design and branding preferences.

No, you don’t necessarily need technical expertise. BigCommerce is designed to be user-friendly, and many tasks can be accomplished without coding knowledge. However, having some familiarity with e-commerce concepts and website management can be beneficial.

Yes, BigCommerce provides migration tools and services to help you transfer your existing store, including products, customer data, and orders, to the BigCommerce platform.

BigCommerce is committed to security and complies with industry standards. It offers various secure payment gateways, and customer data is protected through encryption and security measures.

Yes, BigCommerce caters to businesses of all sizes. Its scalability allows small businesses to start with basic plans and expand as they grow, while larger enterprises can benefit from advanced features and customization options.

Yes, BigCommerce offers an extensive app store and supports integrations with various third-party services, including payment gateways, marketing tools, and shipping solutions.

Yes, BigCommerce provides built-in SEO features and tools to optimize your store for search engines. You can customize meta tags, URLs, and other SEO elements to improve your online visibility.

Yes, BigCommerce provides mobile apps that allow you to monitor and manage your store from smartphones and tablets, making it convenient for on-the-go management.

BigCommerce offers various pricing plans, starting with a standard plan for smaller businesses and scaling up to enterprise-level plans. The cost depends on the plan you choose, with more advanced plans accommodating complex requirements. Additionally, complexity can impact development costs if customizations or integrations are needed.

While BigCommerce pricing is transparent, it’s important to consider potential additional costs. These may include fees for premium themes, third-party apps, payment processing, and custom development if complex features or integrations are required.

Custom development costs depend on the complexity and scope of the project. It’s advisable to consult with a BigCommerce developer or agency to discuss your specific requirements and obtain a detailed quote based on your needs.

Yes, BigCommerce allows you to start with a basic plan and upgrade as your business expands. This scalability is one of the platform’s advantages, ensuring you pay for the features you need as your store evolves.