Inovelli is an American brand that designs and manufactures smart home products, specializing in Z-wave home switches. They differentiate their products from the competition by taking ongoing feedback from customers and users and creating customer-centric products.




eCommerce Development, Systems Integration


Multiple Identity Management That Led to Data Silos

One of the most pressing challenges Inovelli faced was the issue of multiple identity management across various platforms. Each platform—be it eCommerce, customer support, or community forums—had its own set of user credentials and data storage systems. This led to the creation of data silos, where information was trapped in specific parts of the business without the ability to be shared or analyzed collectively. These data silos further led to problems such as inefficient operations, impaired decision making, and security risks.

Fragmented User Experience

The second major challenge was the fragmented user experience resulting from these disparate systems. Customers had to navigate multiple platforms with different login credentials, which led to several issues such as low engagement from customers and onboarding challenges.


Bigcommerce Integration with Auth0 for SSO Authentication

Codup enabled users to use a single ID and password across all online channels through the implementation of SSO authentication. BigCommerce, Zoho Desk, and Discourse were integrated with Auth0, ensuring that users have unified access across all platforms.

Re-registration on Auth0

Codup removed existing logins, requiring users to re-register on Auth0, leading to a more streamlined and efficient login experience.

Syncing Data Across All the Systems

The integration ensured that new user data was automatically pushed into Zoho CRM and Zoho campaigns, enhancing the efficiency of data management. To ensure accuracy in data mapping, two additional fields were created on signup forms that allowed data to be segregated in 2 different segments: B2B and B2C. This segregation and data tagging allowed data to be pushed to the right channel.


The implementation of SSO technology and integration with Auth0 resulted in notable improvements for Inovelli. Users experienced a streamlined login process across various channels, significantly elevating user satisfaction. On the organizational side, efficiency was enhanced, with the elimination of the need to track multiple logins for the same user. This simplification was complemented by an increase in data accuracy, as the integration ensured precise and efficient data entry into CRM and campaign management systems. These collective enhancements not only simplified user access but also bolstered Inovelli's internal operations.

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