One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted makes it easier for everyone to do something about the pressing issues in our environment: all by planting more trees. And you wouldn’t believe it – in 2018, they were able to get 1.3 million trees in the ground.


Planting so many trees around the world meant they were getting an overwhelming number of donations from an overwhelming number of people across different countries. Their marketing efforts were also concentrated across different channels and platforms which meant they were generating leads from different places. Planting trees across the world sounded easier than keeping tabs on so many people around the world who were interested in what they were doing. If they wanted their mission to go strong, they needed a strong way to keep tabs on all those leads and contacts. For this, they were using Freshsales, a CRM that helped them keep information about all their leads and contacts in one place. Freshsales helped them convert leads into contacts and nurture relations with their existing clients. But the problem was, all of the hot activity was going on their Shopify website. Adding in information about their clients who were sending the donations through the website in the CRM was a time-consuming task. It meant a lot of tab switching and chances of errors. And so, they contacted Codup. They wanted a solution that could streamline the process and help them pull in information from their Shopify website directly on the CRM.

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Proposed Solution

For Codup and its developers, this meant custom integration. Using backend technologies like PHP, Laravel, and PHPMyAdmin, Codup integrated their Shopify website with the Freshsales CRM. Furthermore, Codup used JavaScript, JQuery, HTML and CSS to customize the integration and make it easy to use on the front end. This Shopify integration with the Freshsales CRM pulls information about every client from the Shopify website and displays it on the CRM. So when you click on a contact, you can see the amount of donations that particular contact made in the past including all of their profile information.


With this integration in place, managing relations with contacts has become a lot easier for One Tree Planted. They are now looking forward to get all their marketing platforms integrated with Freshsales to streamline their operations and take their mission one step further.

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