One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted makes it easier for everyone to do something about the pressing issues in our environment: all by planting more trees. And you wouldn’t believe it – in 2018, they were able to get 1.3 million trees in the ground.




Systems Integration


One Tree Planted was confronted with the challenge of efficiently managing an influx of donations and leads generated from various countries and platforms. Their mission to plant trees worldwide was supported by a diverse group of donors, necessitating a robust system to manage these relationships.

They were utilizing Freshsales CRM to organize and manage their leads and contacts but faced the hurdle of manually integrating data from their Shopify website, where the bulk of donor activity occurred. The manual process was time-consuming, prone to errors, and inefficient. One Tree Planted sought a solution to automate the integration of donor information from Shopify to Freshsales, aiming for real-time data synchronization, accuracy, and efficiency in managing donor relationships.


Codup addressed this challenge by implementing a custom integration solution, characterized by:

Technology Integration:

    • Utilizing PHP, Laravel, and PHPMyAdmin for backend development to ensure seamless integration between Shopify and Freshsales CRM.


Frontend Customization:


    • Employing JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, and CSS for an intuitive and user-friendly interface.


Real-Time Data Synchronization:


    • Automating the transfer of donor information from Shopify to Freshsales, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.


Comprehensive Donor Profiles:


  • Enabling a detailed view of each donor’s profile and donation history directly within the CRM for enhanced relationship management.


The integration heralded a transformative phase for One Tree Planted’s donor management and engagement strategy, yielding significant benefits:

Efficiency Boost:

    • The automation of data synchronization eliminated manual entry, reducing errors and saving valuable time.


Enhanced Donor Engagement:

    • With comprehensive donor information at their fingertips, One Tree Planted could personalize and enhance donor engagement strategies.


Streamlined Operations:

    • The integration facilitated a unified view of donor data, streamlining operations and decision-making processes.



    • The solution is scalable, laying the groundwork for future integrations with other marketing platforms to centralize and streamline operations further.


With the integration in place, One Tree Planted is poised to elevate their donor engagement, operational efficiency, and ultimately, propel their tree planting mission to new heights.

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