IUltrasonic, a company specializing in ultrasonic cleaning technology, was grappling with an outdated website that was affecting its performance and user experience. The challenge was twofold: upgrade the website to a modern platform while maintaining its existing aesthetics and functionality.




B2B eCommerce, eCommerce Development


Outdated Theming Framework

IUltrasonic's website was built on an outdated "Blueprint" theming framework that was limiting its functionality and performance. This was a significant bottleneck for the company as it aimed to handle increased traffic and offer a better user experience. While transitioning to a new theming framework, it was crucial to preserve the website's existing look and feel to ensure a consistent user experience.


Performance Problems

The website needed to improve its overall performance and efficiency to handle increased traffic and provide a better user experience.


BigCommerce Theming Framework Upgrade

Codup's experts transitioned the BigCommerce website from the "Blueprint" to the modern "Stencil" theming framework. This ensured that all design elements, layout, and functionality were fully supported.


BigCommerce Website Development

The website was developed from scratch on the new "Stencil" theme. Special attention was given to resolving any user interface issues and ensuring that the website’s previous appearance and user experience were maintained.


Performance Optimization

The website's overall performance and efficiency were enhanced, enabling it to handle increased traffic and offer an improved user experience.


With Codup’s expertise in BigCommerce Development, IUltrasonic not only transitioned to a modern platform but also ensured that the aesthetic and functional integrity of the website was maintained, leading to enhanced user experience and performance.

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