Located in beautiful Huntington Beach California, Instent Industries provides a modern and revolutionary line of promotional tents, printed flags, custom furniture and trade show displays that are used for promoting businesses during events. Since their early beginning in 1997, their main goal has always remained the same: keep customers happy and satisfied with their project’s final result.


PHP, Woocommerce, Wordpress


B2B eCommerce, eCommerce Development


As Instent ventured into the B2B e-commerce space, it faced challenges in simulating it’s complex and customized buying process online.

The objectives included:

Streamlined Online Buying:

    • Create an online platform for business buyers to place orders efficiently.


Custom Artwork Integration:

    • Incorporate a process for buyers to engage with graphic designers for custom artwork modifications and approvals.


Production and Shipping Efficiency:

  • Enhance the production stage and shipping process for both in-stock and custom-made products.


Codup developed a tailored B2B online store on WooCommerce, equipped with features to streamline Instent’s unique buying process:

Custom Pages Before Checkout:

    • Implemented custom pages to offer buyers a range of options before proceeding to checkout.
    • Included features like Graphic Workroom, Split Order, Rush Production, and No Payment Option.


Graphic Workroom:

    • Enabled buyers to upload and modify artwork, facilitating interaction with Instent’s graphic designers.
    • Implemented filters for web admins to sort orders based on the assigned graphic designer.


Split Order Functionality:

    • Allowed buyers to separate in-stock and production-required orders for expedited shipping of available products.


Rush Production Option:

    • Introduced a feature for buyers to accelerate production for an additional charge.


No Payment Checkout:

  • Enabled order placement without immediate payment, offering flexibility to buyers.


The customized B2B e-commerce solution delivered significant benefits:

Simplified Buying Process:

    • The tailored online store facilitated a smooth and efficient order placement process for business buyers.


Enhanced Custom Artwork Integration:

    • The Graphic Workroom feature streamlined the custom artwork modification and approval process.


Flexible Shipping Options:

    • The Split Order functionality offered buyers the convenience of receiving in-stock products promptly.


With these enhancements, Instent successfully transitioned into the B2B e-commerce space, offering a streamlined and efficient online buying experience while accommodating the complexities of custom orders and artwork modifications.

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