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Stitch Fix combines personal styling with technology to offer an innovative solution that makes it easy for everyone to look great every day. An online personal styling service, Stitch Fix delivers items of clothing and accessories, which are hand-picked and personalized for you by seasoned style experts.


Systems Integration


Stitch Fix was utilizing Freshservice for their IT helpdesk to expedite issue resolution. However, a challenge arose with the excessive number of survey emails sent by Freshservice following ticket resolutions.

The objectives were to:

Reduce Email Volume:

    • Limit the number of survey emails sent to employees to avoid inundation and annoyance.


Customize Email Rules:

    • Implement custom rules to control the frequency of CSAT emails sent to users.


Enhance Workplace Efficiency:

  • Improve productivity and efficiencies by reducing email clutter.


Codup addressed Stitch Fix’s challenge by developing a custom app for Freshservice, incorporating:

Custom Rules Implementation:

    • Enabled the creation of custom rules to control the number of CSAT emails sent to users.
    • Allowed the admin to set a specified limit for CSAT emails.


Email Frequency Control:

  • Once the set limit is reached, users would not receive any more CSAT emails for a designated number of days.
  • Reduced email clutter and enhanced user experience for employees.


The implementation of the custom Freshservice app yielded significant improvements:

Reduced Email Clutter:

    • Employees were no longer inundated with excessive survey emails, enhancing their workplace experience.


Customized Email Control:

    • The admin could effectively control the frequency of CSAT emails, tailoring the experience to individual user preferences.


Boosted Productivity:

    • With reduced email clutter, employees experienced enhanced productivity and workplace efficiency.


The custom app not only resolved the challenge of excessive survey emails but also contributed to an improved workplace environment, underscoring Stitch Fix’s commitment to employee satisfaction and efficiency.

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