Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix combines personal styling with technology to offer an innovative solution that makes it easy for everyone to look great every day. An online personal styling service, Stitch Fix delivers items of clothing and accessories, which are hand-picked and personalized for you by seasoned style experts.


Stitch Fix was using Freshservice for their IT helpdesk to help their agents to resolve issues faster. While things were running smoothly for them, Stitch Fix wanted to limit the number of survey emails sent by Freshservice.

Freshservice sends out a survey email after a ticket is resolved. But if a large number of tickets were created, it led to employees receiving a slew of emails, which was an annoyance for them. Stitch Fix reached out to Codup to help fix the problem.

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Proposed Solution

Our team at Codup took over the challenge and created a custom app for Freshservice. This app allowed Stitch Fix to create some custom rules through which the admin could set a specified number of CSAT emails that would be sent to the user. When that particular limit is reached, the user would no longer receive any more CSAT emails for a set number of days.


Our custom Freshservice app fixed the problem Stitch Fix employees were facing because of the large number of survey emails that were being received. We were overjoyed when our client remarked how the app has improved their productivity and improved efficiencies in their workplace.

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