Travelife is a training, management, and certification initiative that helps tourism companies become more responsible and adopt sustainable practices that reduce their social, environmental, and economic impact. A business that is Travelife certified means it is following best practices that makes tourism sustainable.




Web Application


Travelife encountered a challenge with their original website. The membership plugin didn’t support the registration of multiple businesses under a single client, a feature critical for their B2B clients.

The objectives were:

Multiple Business Registration:

    • Enable clients to register multiple tourism businesses without overwriting existing information.


Efficient Management:

    • Allow admin to view and manage all registered businesses under a single client efficiently.



Custom Fields Filtering:

  • Implement filters to sort clients’ subscriptions using custom fields.


Codup, with its expertise in custom development, addressed these challenges and enhanced the functionality of Travelife’s website:

Custom Memberpress Modification:

    • Extended the functionality of the Memberpress WordPress plugin to support the registration of multiple businesses by a single client.
    • Ensured that new registrations didn’t overwrite existing business information.


Custom WordPress Plugin Development:

    • Created a custom plugin to map all client business information with their subscription and displayed it on the admin screen.
    • Implemented filters allowing admins to sort clients’ subscriptions using custom fields.


Efficient Business Management:

  • Enabled the admin to view all businesses registered under a single email address, streamlining management and oversight.


The custom solutions provided by Codup brought significant improvements to Travelife’s online functionality:

Multiple Business Registrations:

    • Clients could register multiple tourism businesses seamlessly, enhancing the B2B functionality of the site.


Enhanced Admin Efficiency:

    • The admin could view all information regarding members on a single screen, improving management efficiency.


Custom Fields Filtering:

    • The addition of filters allowed for efficient sorting and management of members using different parameters.


With Codup’s tailored solutions, Travelife not only addressed the critical challenges of their original website but also enhanced the efficiency and functionality of their B2B membership and subscription site.

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