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Travelife is a training, management, and certification initiative that helps tourism companies become more responsible and adopt sustainable practices that reduce their social, environmental, and economic impact. A business that is Travelife certified means it is following best practices that makes tourism sustainable.

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Carolyn Wincer

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Travelife was facing a critical problem with their original website. Their website had a membership functionality through which tourism companies could join the organization.

But there was a catch.

The membership plugin they used didn’t have a feature they were in critical need of: multiple businesses registration. So, if a business registered their hotel with them and tried to register another hotel, Travelife’s membership plugin would overwrite the information. And so, Travelife reached out to Codup for help with fixing the problem and building a functional B2B site for their clients.

Proposed Solution

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Our expert team of developers took over the challenge and did custom work on the Memberpress WordPress plugin. We extended the plugin’s functionality and allowed their clients to register multiple tour businesses with them.

We also created a custom WordPress plugin that mapped all information regarding their clients’ businesses with their subscription and displayed the information on the admin screen.

This allowed the admin to see all tour businesses registered under a single email address of the client. We also added some filters that allowed admins to filter their clients’ subscriptions using custom fields.


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Our custom WordPress plugin development allowed Travelife’s clients to register multiple hotels with them using their online functionality. The custom WordPress plugin we developed also improved efficiencies as the admin could now view all information regarding Travelife’s members on a single screen and filter the list of members using different parameters.