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Leihdich Frei

Leihdich Frei is a German startup that is all set to disrupt the clothing and fashion industry with an innovative model: rental subscription service to borrow clothes and let people be more creative with their style.

Project Name :

Leihdich Frei

Client Name :

Martin Kern

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Leihdich Frei was onto something awesome and different, no doubt. But being different often brings challenges of its own. Our client needed help putting all the awesome ideas they had into a robust online store that did everything they wanted it to do. Their idea was unique: they wanted an online rental service with a recurring subscription model. The customer would buy the monthly subscription and receive 4 rental slots every month to be used to borrow 4 clothing pieces from the store for a maximum of 4 weeks.

Our client also wanted to set a monthly shipping allowance for subscribers so that active subscribers wouldn’t be charged shipping when they placed a rental order unless they had exceeded their monthly allowance.

With all these great ideas, our client approached us for help setting up the backend of his website and implement the right mix of plugins and extensions to set up the store, customizing the code wherever needed to fully achieve what he wanted.

Proposed Solution

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We believe no idea is too complex when it comes to our expertise in WordPress and WooCommerce development. We began by creating a staging environment for our client’s site and deployed our solutions there. To achieve what our client wanted, we used the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension and Pop-up Notices plugin. We also developed our own custom WooCommerce plugin to limit the quantity of items the customer could purchase in a month – 4, in this case. Every time the customer borrowed an item after subscribing, the plugin would run some code to check if the customer has slots available. If not, an error message would pop up about the quota being reached.

We also customized the code so that the customer could see the number of items they had borrowed and their available slots. Our solution enabled the store admin as well to view the number of items borrowed by each user and adjust those as the customer returned the item back.

Apart from this, we also integrated our client’s WooCommerce store with their shipping carrier’s API so that the shipping cost could be calculated on every rental order and to check if the monthly shipping quota had exceeded, charging shipping costs only when it had.


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Well, to say the least, it was an idea turned into reality! Our solution gave our client all the tools to launch Leihdich Frei, which was not only an online store but something they actually believed in. And this is what our client had to say: "My compliments guys, this looks really, really promising and matches completely with what I wanted to achieve"