Pickles is a leading Australian marketplace that brings vehicle and equipment resellers and buyers together, delivering value for everyone. They are the trusted leaders in asset remarketing across industrial, cars, trucks, salvage and other industries.




B2B eCommerce, Web Application


As the company scaled, the influx of resellers on their platform made their existing process inefficient. Resellers, dealing in specific types of vehicles, faced challenges filtering relevant data from a single comprehensive source.

The objectives were to:

Enhance Reseller Efficiency:

    • Implement a solution to streamline the data filtering process for resellers, enabling them to access relevant information efficiently.




    • Provide customization options for resellers to personalize their subsites, enhancing user experience and efficiency.


Scale Seamlessly:

  • Develop a robust solution to facilitate seamless scaling as the number of resellers on the platform grows.


Codup, with its expertise, developed a comprehensive solution to address Pickles’ challenges:

Management Panel on Laravel and MongoDB:

    • Enabled Pickles to create WordPress subsites for resellers and define data filters.
    • Implemented a data filtering algorithm to sanitize and feed data to subsites based on specific filters.


Customization Features:

    • Allowed Pickles to customize headers and branding for reseller subsites.
    • Enhanced user experience with bespoke themes and personalized features.


Efficient Data Filtering:

  • Resellers could efficiently filter and serve relevant content to their customers.
  • Implemented a feature for resellers to select and send specific cars to their clients, facilitating lead generation with agent attribution.


The implementation of the robust WordPress solution delivered significant improvements:

Enhanced Reseller Efficiency:

    • The tailored management panel and data filtering algorithm streamlined the process for resellers, enhancing efficiency.


Customized User Experience:

    • The ability to personalize subsites improved the user experience for both resellers and their customers.


Seamless Scaling:

    • The robust solution facilitated the seamless onboarding of more resellers, supporting Pickles’ scaling objectives.


With these enhancements, Pickles not only optimized the efficiency of resellers but also laid a foundation for seamless scaling, reinforcing its position as a leading Australian marketplace for vehicles and equipment.

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