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Pickles is a leading Australian marketplace that brings vehicle and equipment resellers and buyers together, delivering value for everyone. They are the trusted leaders in asset remarketing across industrial, cars, trucks, salvage and other industries.

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Ashif Dhanani

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As Pickles scaled and the number of resellers on their platform grew, their process was no longer efficient for their resellers.

The problem was with the data coming from a single source, which contained data related to all the different types of cars and equipment available for reselling. Resellers who were dealing in only one or specific kinds of vehicles were struggling within efficiency as they had to filter the data according to their needs.

Pickles wanted a solution that improved efficiency for their resellers and helped them scale seamlessly.

Proposed Solution

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With a ‘can-do’ attitude, we took over the challenge and built a robust solution for them that essentially solved their problems.

We built a complete management panel on Laravel and MongoDB. The custom panel allowed Pickles to spin up WordPress subsites for their resellers and define data filters for those resellers. Our built a data filtering algorithm that took data feeds from one source and sanitized that data and fed it to the subsites based on the parameters of filters for each one. Apart from data filtering, our custom panel on Laravel offered a few more functionalities that allowed Pickles to customize the subsites for their resellers like customizing header and branding.

The subsites were built on WordPress using bespoke themes. We built another essential functionality that allowed resellers to select and send chosen cars to their clients. Resellers were able to set up links for their customers, which when clicked, showed only the cars that the agent had selected for them. Customers could then choose and submit their inquiries. This enabled Pickles to generate leads with agent attribution built-in.


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We built a robust WordPress solution that solved our client’s problems and the challenges they were facing when scaling up. With the management panel we built, Pickles could now easily get more resellers on board and create an efficient workflow where their resellers could filter information coming in and efficiently serve relevant content to their customers.