Insurgo is a Canadian startup with the vision to offer trustworthy computing to the masses. Insurgo’s PrivacyBeast X230 is a Qubes-certified refurbished Lenovo laptop that takes cyber-security and privacy to the next level.


PHP, Woocommerce, Wordpress


eCommerce Development


Insurgo, a pioneering Canadian startup, is committed to delivering trustworthy computing solutions to a broad audience. With the introduction of PrivacyBeast X230, a Qubes-certified refurbished Lenovo laptop, Insurgo aimed to elevate cybersecurity and privacy standards. However, as the company expanded and incorporated more resellers or vendors globally, the need for a digitized and efficient sales process became evident.

The objectives were:


    • Transition from manual to digital sales processes to enhance efficiency and accuracy.


Vendor Management:


    • Implement a system allowing resellers or vendors to register on the site and automate order assignments based on proximity.


Sales Process Automation:

  • Eliminate manual work and streamline the order assignment to the correct vendor.


Codup, with its adept skills, developed a custom plugin for Insurgo’s WooCommerce store, transforming the sales process:

Custom WooCommerce Plugin:

    • An extension of the WooCommerce Product Vendors plugin, enabling digitization of sales processes and workflow automation.
    • Allowed store admin to add vendors, assign multiple locations, and allocate products to various vendors directly.


Automated Order Assignment:

    • The plugin matches the customer’s delivery address with vendor locations, automatically assigning the order to the nearest vendor.
    • Vendors receive order notifications via email and admin dashboard, enhancing efficiency.


Vendor Management:

  • The system disallowed vendors from adding or editing products, maintaining consistency and quality control.


The integration of the custom WooCommerce plugin revolutionized Insurgo’s operational efficiency:

Automated Sales Process:

    • The manual work associated with managing multiple vendors and order assignments was eliminated, enhancing operational efficiency.


Efficient Vendor Management:

    • The plugin facilitated the seamless addition and management of vendors, streamlining the sales process.


Enhanced Customer Service:

    • With automated order assignments, customers received their orders promptly, boosting customer satisfaction.


Insurgo’s transition to an automated digital sales process not only optimized operational efficiency but also enhanced customer service, setting a new benchmark in the delivery of trustworthy computing solutions.

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