Meal Plan Map

Meal Plan Map is an online meal planning and fitness tracking solution that makes it easy to plan meals, shop for ingredients, and keep track of their fitness level – all in one platform. Their powerful platform offers customized meal plans, shopping lists, delicious recipes, weight and fitness trackers, community challenges and a lot more, which, when combined together, allow for a healthier lifestyle change.




Systems Integration


Meal Plan Map sought to enhance its platform by integrating membership sales and connecting with Nutrio, a white-label wellness solution. The platform, renowned for offering customized meal plans, fitness trackers, and community challenges, aimed to provide users with personalized health improvement resources seamlessly.


Codup addressed Meal Plan Map’s requirements with a strategic integration and enhancement plan, involving:

Nutrio API Integration:

    • Connected Meal Plan Map with Nutrio, enabling seamless user experience between the two platforms.
    • Automated user registration and unregistration on Nutrio based on their membership status on Meal Plan Map.


White-Labeling Nutrio Environment:

    • Implemented header and footer files on the Nutrio panel to maintain the look and feel of Meal Plan Map, ensuring users felt they remained on the same platform.


Membership Sales Enablement:

  • Configured the Memberpress plugin on Meal Plan Map to facilitate the sale of memberships, enhancing the platform’s service offerings.


The strategic integration and enhancements led to a more robust and user-friendly platform, marked by:

Seamless User Experience:

    • The integration with Nutrio allowed users to access personalized health improvement resources without leaving the Meal Plan Map site.


Enhanced Membership Sales:

    • The implementation of the Memberpress plugin enabled Meal Plan Map to efficiently sell memberships, expanding their service scope.


Unified Brand Presentation:

    • White-labeling ensured a consistent brand presentation, enhancing user trust and engagement.


With these advancements, Meal Plan Map not only expanded its service offerings but also enhanced the user experience, positioning itself as a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking a healthier lifestyle change.

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