Kdashboard is the ultimate kindle marketing tool built especially for kindle authors and publishers who want to promote their books on kindle.




Product Development


Our client approached us with the need for a comprehensive platform tailored for authors and publishers to effectively promote their Kindle books.

The primary objectives included:

Comprehensive Tools:

    • Develop a platform offering essential tools for promoting Kindle books.


Performance Analysis:

    • Enable authors and publishers to analyze and gauge their performance on Amazon and Kindle.


Social Media Integration:

  • Facilitate direct posting to linked Facebook groups and pages from the dashboard.


Codup rose to the challenge, developing Kdashboard, a state-of-the-art marketing tool built on PHP, offering a suite of features:

Ultimate Kindle Marketing Tool:

    • Developed Kdashboard to allow authors and publishers to promote and analyze their performance on Kindle effectively.
    • Incorporated analytic features for a comprehensive performance overview.


Social Media Integration:

    • Enabled direct posting to linked Facebook groups and pages from the dashboard, enhancing social media presence and engagement.


Banner Advertisement Integration:

  • Integrated with several websites to allow users to put up banner advertisements, driving traffic to their Kindle products.


The launch of Kdashboard marked a significant milestone, delivering exceptional results:

Rapid Adoption:

    • Our client sold over $200,000 worth of licenses at launch, underscoring the platform’s effectiveness and market demand.


Positive Reviews:

    • Received raving reviews for its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface tailored for Kindle book marketing.


Niche Solution:

    • Kdashboard stands as one of the few platforms specially built for marketing Kindle books, showcasing Codup’s innovation and expertise.


With Kdashboard, authors and publishers now have a dedicated tool at their disposal, streamlining Kindle book promotion and analysis, and enhancing their marketing efficiency and reach.

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