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Quadro has revolutionized the toy industry ever since its inception in 1979. Quadro doesn’t sell toys that kids play for a few days and toss away after a few days. The company sells construction kits that kids can design, build, and then eventually play on. A Quadro toy becomes whatever you can imagine – from an indoor baby walker to an outdoor jungle gym.

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Mark Chambers

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As Quadro scaled and expanded across the world, they wanted to increase their business efficiencies and optimize their eCommerce channel, built on Shopify, so that orders could be rapidly fulfilled.

Quadro was facing a unique challenge – due to its unique and innovative products. Their products often contained two types of components or parts – parts that had to be shipped as is like a slide or swing seat and parts that had to be put together with other parts in one box.

Given the nature of their products, Quadro had a huge inventory of parts that had to be packed in boxes by the warehouse team before fulfilling the order. Packing those products was where the challenge lay. Whenever an order dropped in, the warehouse team had to rack their brains and figure out which box to use to pack which product parts. They couldn’t just put all the items in one box and ship it. Some product parts had to be put separately in their own container while others could be packed together with other parts in a box that could fit them.

Hence, they wanted a digital solution that could predict and suggest which boxes they needed and in what quantity to pack an order – instead of wasting hours doing these calculations themselves.

Proposed Solution

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After getting a sound understanding of our client’s business model, their unique products, and the challenges they faced during fulfillment, Codup devised a solution for them. We would build a custom Shopify app that pretty much solved all our client’s problems and helped them cut inefficiencies from their business.

Following the agile methodology, the project was divided into four milestones with clear goals mentioned for each. Our custom fulfillment app for Shopify offers the following features:

  • Lets the store admin add boxes or packages in the system and define their dimensions and weight
  • Lets store admin configure whether the product was to be ‘shipped as is’ or ‘assembled’ with other parts
  • Lets the store admin associate ‘shipped-as-is’ products or product parts with the correct boxes so that whenever an order came in, the system would instantly show which box to use for the product
  • Suggests the box or boxes to use for ‘to-be-assembled’ products or product parts so that the least number of boxes were used
  • Synced data with Send Cloud so that customers could track their orders

To help Quadro optimize their use of packing boxes, we wrote an algorithm in our custom Shopify app that could calculate the volume of boxes available and the volume of parts to be packed, and compare and suggest which boxes to use so that the least number of boxes were used during fulfillment.


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Our custom Shopify app helped our client solve their business complexity, optimize their eCommerce channel, increase efficiencies, and make the most use of their resources.