Quadro has revolutionized the toy industry ever since its inception in 1979. Quadro doesn’t sell toys that kids play for a few days and toss away after a few days. The company sells construction kits that kids can design, build, and then eventually play on. A Quadro toy becomes whatever you can imagine – from an indoor baby walker to an outdoor jungle gym.




eCommerce Development


Quadro faced a challenge in optimizing their eCommerce channel. As the company scaled globally, the complexity of fulfilling orders increased due to the unique nature of their products, which included various parts that needed specific packing considerations.

The objectives were:

Efficient Packing:

    • Develop a system to suggest optimal packing boxes for different product parts to streamline the fulfillment process.


Order Tracking:


    • Integrate with Send Cloud to provide real-time order tracking for customers.


Business Efficiency:


  • Increase overall business efficiencies by automating and optimizing the order fulfillment process.


Codup, understanding the intricate challenges, developed a custom Shopify app tailored to Quadro’s specific needs, offering features like:

Box Addition and Configuration:

    • Allowed the admin to add and define the dimensions and weight of boxes or packages in the system.
    • Enabled configuration of products to be ‘shipped as is’ or ‘assembled’ with other parts.


Product Association with Boxes:

    • Associated ‘shipped-as-is’ products or product parts with specific boxes for instant packing suggestions upon order receipt.
    • Algorithm to suggest optimal boxes for ‘to-be-assembled’ products, ensuring efficient use of boxes.


Send Cloud Integration:

  • Synced data with Send Cloud, enabling customers to track their orders in real-time.


The integration of the custom Shopify app brought transformative results for Quadro:

Streamlined Fulfillment:

    • The app automated the process of selecting boxes for product parts, significantly reducing the time and effort in the order fulfillment process.


Enhanced Customer Experience:

    • The integration with Send Cloud offered real-time order tracking, elevating the customer experience.


Business Optimization:

    • The solution cut through the complexities of the fulfillment process, optimizing business efficiencies and resource utilization.


With Codup’s custom Shopify app, Quadro not only streamlined its complex order fulfillment process but also enhanced the customer experience, marking a significant stride in its global expansion journey.

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