PayDotCom is an affiliate marketing platform that gives its users access to an army of affiliates and vendors and a range of software automation tools that help small businesses and online marketers automate their online businesses.




Product Development


PayDotCom was designed to offer users access to a network of affiliates and vendors, coupled with automation tools to streamline online business operations. The client, an internet marketing expert, identified a gap in the market where existing platforms lacked essential features for optimal selling and marketing.

The objectives were:

Innovative Features:

    • Introduce innovative features that were absent in existing affiliate marketing platforms to enhance the selling and marketing processes.


User Registration:

    • Develop a system where users can register as affiliates or sellers and add their products.


Real-Time Payments:

  • Implement a feature for real-time, instantaneous payment receipt for affiliates and sellers.


Codup, leveraging technologies like PHP (CodeIgniter), JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, turned the client’s innovative ideas into a first-class, feature-rich software:

User Registration and Product Addition:

    • Enabled users to register as affiliates or sellers and add their products to the platform.
    • Introduced the creation of sales funnels by both sellers and affiliates.


Split Testing and Widgets:

    • Affiliates could conduct split testing directly from the platform, eliminating the need for integration with other platforms.
    • Enabled affiliates to create widgets for placement on their websites to redirect customers to the PayDotCom system.


Online Courses and Payment System:

  • Sellers could create online courses on the PayDotCom platform, expanding the range of offerings.
  • Implemented upsell and down-sell functionality and ensured real-time, instantaneous payments for both affiliates and sellers.


The development of PayDotCom marked a significant achievement in the affiliate marketing landscape:

Innovative Platform:

    • The platform, built with dynamic features, distinguished PayDotCom in the market, offering unique functionalities for enhanced marketing and selling.


Enhanced User Experience:

    • The intuitive design and innovative features facilitated an enhanced user experience for both affiliates and sellers.


Positive Reception:

    • PayDotCom received rave reviews upon launch, and the client expressed immense satisfaction with the quality and functionality of the platform.


With Codup’s expertise, PayDotCom not only filled the gap in the affiliate marketing landscape but also set a new benchmark for features and user experience in the domain.

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