Globemed is a non-profit organization based in the US with a mission to improve global health and contribute to poverty-stricken areas in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. By bringing students from universities together with communities around the world, Globemed gives students the opportunity to work with health leaders, learn, and contribute to the collective vision of changing the world.


Systems Integration


Globemed sought to enhance its support services. Recognizing SMS as a highly effective communication channel, Globemed aimed to integrate SMS with Freshdesk, their existing helpdesk software.

The objectives were:

SMS Integration:

    • Enable end-users to submit tickets to Freshdesk via SMS and allow agents to communicate with customers through SMS.



    • Implement auto-triggered SMS notifications based on ticket creation and updates to streamline communication.




  • Increase the efficiency of agents through automated SMS templates and notifications.


Codup, after thorough consultations, developed a custom integration of Vodafone and Freshdesk for Globemed, featuring:

Two-Way SMS Communication:

    • Users could submit tickets via SMS, and agents could reply via SMS, facilitating seamless communication.
    • Integration with Vodafone ensured reliable SMS delivery and reception.


Automated SMS Notifications:

    • Agents could create templates for auto-triggered SMS on ticket creation and updates, enhancing responsiveness.
    • Automation rules enabled customized SMS notifications based on specific triggers.


Bulk SMS and Reporting:

  • Agents could send bulk SMS to contact lists and view delivery reports, ensuring effective mass communication.
  • The app allowed filtering and searching of delivery reports based on various parameters.


The custom Freshdesk app revolutionized Globemed’s customer support:

Enhanced Customer Experience:

    • The SMS integration ensured that support was accessible anytime, anywhere, elevating the customer experience.


Increased Efficiency:

    • Automation features streamlined communication, reducing manual effort and increasing agent efficiency.


Effective Communication:

    • The ability to send bulk SMS and analyze delivery reports enhanced Globemed’s outreach and communication effectiveness.


With this integration, Globemed not only optimized its customer support but also aligned its services with the modern, mobile-first preferences of its diverse user base.

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