Booked Pro

Booked Pro is one of the top-rated and top-selling bookings and appointments plugin for WordPress. The product is a flagship product of Boxy Studio, a small development agency that makes big things for the web.




Product Development


The client, Justin Scheetz, sought to build a new version of Booked Pro that not only looked better than the previous one but also included features that would give his product a competitive edge.

The objectives included:

Code Refactoring:

    • Overhaul the messy code of the existing plugin to build upon and add new features.


Feature Enhancement:

    • Introduce innovative features to make the plugin more dynamic and user-friendly.


Visual Appeal:


  • Improve the aesthetic appeal of the plugin to attract more users.


Codup, with a team of talented developers, a project manager, and a QA person, embarked on the journey to revamp Booked Pro. The project was divided into multiple sprints, each with a clear scope of work and spanned across a few months.

The solutions included:

Technology Integration:

    • Utilized React for the front end and PHP for the backend to build a robust and responsive plugin.


Feature Development:

    • Enabled admin to view customer bookings on a calendar and list view, and take actions like reschedule, cancel, and approve.
    • Admin could add services for booking, set daily schedules, and create custom schedules for vacations and other unavailable dates.
    • Implemented a drag-and-drop form builder for easy booking form creation.


Notification and Customer Management:

    • Integrated extensive notification settings for admin to control notifications.
    • Admin could view a list of customers, their details, and bookings, and also create a customer manually and book a slot for them.



The partnership between Boxy Studio and Codup resulted in the development of one of the top-selling booking plugins on the WordPress marketplace:

Enhanced Features:

    • The plugin was built from scratch with clean, maintainable code and dynamic features, enhancing its functionality and user experience.


Market Competitiveness:

    • The added features and improved aesthetics gave Booked Pro a competitive edge in the WordPress plugin marketplace.


Increased Sales:

    • The revamped plugin not only attracted more users due to its enhanced features and visual appeal but also contributed to increased sales.


With Codup’s expertise, Booked Pro transformed into a more dynamic, user-friendly, and visually appealing WordPress booking plugin, solidifying its position in the competitive market.

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