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Booked Pro

Booked Pro is one of the top-rated and top-selling bookings and appointments plugin for WordPress. The product is a flagship product of Boxy Studio, a small development agency that makes big things for the web.

Project Name :

Booked Pro

Client Name :

Justin Scheetz

skills :


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Our client, Justin Scheetz, the founder of Boxy Studio, partnered with Codup for help building a new version of Booked Pro. Justin wanted to add new features to the plugin but the plugin code had become too messy for him to refactor and build upon. He realized the plugin had to be built from scratch.

And so, Justin shakes hands with Codup to build the next version of Booked Pro that looked better than the previous one and had features that would clearly give his product an edge above the rest.

Proposed Solution

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We assigned a Project Manager, a team of talented developers, and a QA person to the Booked Pro project and got to work immediately after receiving complete requirements and mockups from the client.

The project was divided into multiple sprints with each sprint having clear scope of work. Each sprint spanned across a few months to get the project to completion.

The front end of the plugin was built on React while the backend was built with PHP. The Booked Pro plugin boasted tons of powerful features that included:

  • Allows admin to view customer bookings on a calendar view and list view and take actions like reschedule, cancel, approve, or filter the list using different parameters.
  • Allows admin to add services that can be booked by customers. Tons of options in service types and settings made sure the plugin worked for all use case scenarios.
  • Allows admin to set daily schedule so the customer never booked a time that was not in schedule. Custom schedule allows admin to set vacation dates and other custom dates and times when they are not available.
  • Allows admin to create a booking form with an easy, drag and drop form builder.
  • Tons of notification settings allow admin to set how, what, and where notification was sent.
  • Allows admin to see the list of customers along with all the details including the bookings they have made.
  • Allows admin to assign a booked slot to someone else.
  • Allows admin to create a customer manually from the backend and book a slot for them.


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As a result of this crucial partnership between Boxy Studio and Codup, we developed one of the top-selling booking plugins on the WordPress marketplace, named Booked Pro. The custom WordPress plugin development project involved building the plugin from scratch, writing clean and maintainable code, and adding new dynamic features to this booking plugin that would increase its sales and give it an edge in the competitive WordPress plugin marketplace.