Discovery Summer

Discovery Summer offers short, intensive summer courses for learning English along with other activities. Having multiple centers across London, Discovery Summer gives a chance to learn English while immersing in British culture.


Woocommerce, Wordpress


eCommerce Development


Discovery Summer sought to digitize their traditional course registration process. Initially reliant on a PDF form that parents had to print, fill, and submit for course registrations, the organization aimed for a seamless online registration and payment process.

The objectives were:

Digital Transformation:

    • Transition from a manual, paper-based registration process to an automated online system.


User-Friendly Experience:

    • Implement an intuitive online form for course and activity selections.


eCommerce Integration:

  • Integrate the registration forms with WooCommerce for seamless checkout and payment processes.


Codup addressed these challenges by transforming Discovery Summer’s registration process into an automated, user-friendly online system:

Custom Online Form:

    • Transformed the PDF form into a custom online form, enabling parents to select courses, centers, and extra activities digitally.
    • Integrated the form with WooCommerce products, automating the display of available courses and activities.


WooCommerce Integration:

    • Each course and extra activity was set up as a WooCommerce product, streamlining the selection and checkout process.
    • Customized the user journey to focus on form completion, bypassing traditional product pages for a streamlined experience.


Automated Registration:

  • Upon form completion, users were directed to the checkout process for deposit fee payment and course registration, fully digitizing the enrollment process.


The transformation of the registration process yielded significant benefits for Discovery Summer:

Automated Registrations:

    • The shift from manual PDF forms to an automated online system streamlined the registration process, enhancing user experience.


Increased Enrollments:

    • The intuitive online form and seamless checkout process facilitated user engagement, potentially increasing course enrollments.


Operational Efficiency:

    • The integration with WooCommerce not only automated course displays but also simplified the management of course offerings and registrations.


With Codup’s tailored eCommerce solution, Discovery Summer not only enhanced the user experience but also optimized operational efficiency, marking a significant milestone in their digital transformation journey.

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