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SVYND is another brave new startup with a disruptive business idea and the potential to become the next success story. It’s an online marketplace where people don’t just buy and sell products for cash but also trade their products with other products. It’s a trading marketplace for the next generation.

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Brianne Cross

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The challenge was to turn an abstract idea into digital reality. Our client shared her business idea with us – the idea of an online trading marketplace where people bought and sold products for cash and also in return for other products. From an idea to a solid, working product that did everything our client dreamed of was the main challenge in this project.

Proposed Solution

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We tackled the challenge right from the beginning: by presenting a clear project scope that defined everything we would do, complete with wireframes that beautifully explained everything visually.

We set up a WordPress site on our local environment and installed WooCommerce and WP Multi-Vendor plugins among others the store would depend on, plus an aesthetically pleasing theme our client provided us.

Here are some of the awesome features we built to get the SVYND marketplace working as expected:

User Signup process: We built a login and registration form for new and existing users/vendors and also incorporated a Rules & Agreement page for new users to consent to before their account creation.

Product Upload Interface: We built a simple product upload interface for vendors to use when uploading their products. We added some custom fields like YouTube URL, tradable product, and shipping cost. We also restricted the user to upload only 6 pictures.

Trading Functionality: We built a custom WooCommerce plugin to add this integral feature to the SVYND trading marketplace. Our plugin enabled SVYND users to initiate a trade on the marketplace platform and offer their products in exchange for other vendors’ products. We built features like the option to accept, reject, or present a counteroffer for the trade.

Wallet Functionality: Using the Tera Wallet plugin, we built the feature that allowed users to upload cash in their accounts and use the amount in their wallets to buy or trade items. We also built Stripe integration with Tera Wallet so that cash could be uploaded and withdrawn through Stripe.

Multi-Lingual: Using the Weglot plugin, we built two versions of the store – English and Spanish.

Shop Local: Using the Store Locator plugin, we enabled users to filter products from shops within a certain radius.

Conflict Resolution: We set up a conflict resolution functionality so that users who were not satisfied with their product could raise their conflict with the admin.

Sidebar Product Filtratio: We built some sidebar filters using the FacetWP plugin so users could search and filter products based on location and tradable products.

Mailchimp Integration: We integrated their store with the Mailchimp platform so our client could send promotional emails to users.


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The result was a robust online trading marketplace that was all set to disrupt the eCommerce industry and pave our client’s way for success.