SVYND is another brave new startup with a disruptive business idea and the potential to become the next success story. It’s an online marketplace where people don’t just buy and sell products for cash but also trade their products with other products. It’s a trading marketplace for the next generation.


PHP, Woocommerce, Wordpress


eCommerce Development


Svynd was conceptualized to allow users to buy and sell products for cash and also exchange items with other users. The client approached Codup with this abstract idea, seeking to transform it into a functional digital platform.

The primary objectives were:

User Engagement:

    • Develop a user-friendly platform that facilitates easy buying, selling, and trading of products.


Functional Features:

    • Incorporate features like user signup, product upload, trading functionality, and wallet features to enhance user experience.


Multi-Lingual Support:

  • Ensure the platform caters to a diverse audience by supporting multiple languages.


Codup, with its expertise in custom development, turned the client’s idea into a fully functional online trading marketplace.

The features included:

User Signup:

    • Easy registration and login, including a Rules & Agreement page for consent.


Product Upload:

    • A streamlined interface with custom fields and a restriction to six images per product.


Trading Functionality:

    • Enabled through a custom WooCommerce plugin, allowing trade initiations and counteroffers.


Wallet Feature:

    • Integration of Tera Wallet and Stripe for easy cash uploads and withdrawals.


Multi-Lingual Support:

    • Implemented using the Weglot plugin for English and Spanish versions.


Local Shopping:

    • Store Locator plugin for filtering products from nearby shops.


Conflict Resolution:

    • A system for users to raise issues with received products.


Product Filtration:

    • FacetWP plugin for efficient product search and filter.


Mailchimp Integration:

  • For sending promotional emails to users.


The development of Svynd resulted in a robust online trading marketplace ready to make a significant impact in the eCommerce industry:

User Engagement:

    • The intuitive features and user-friendly interface enhanced user engagement and facilitated easy trading.


Diverse Audience Reach:

    • The multi-lingual support ensured the platform catered to a wider audience, enhancing its reach.


Successful Launch:

    • The client’s abstract idea was successfully transformed into a functional and efficient online trading platform.


With Codup’s tailored solutions, Svynd not only became a reality but is also set to disrupt the eCommerce industry by offering a unique platform for buying, selling, and trading products.

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