Compassion 4 Paws

Realizing the need for an in-home pet euthanasia service, Dr. Sara founded Compassion 4 Paws in 2012 and has since grown it to a team of dedicated veterinarians who are passionate about giving the care and dignity pets deserve during their last days.


Systems Integration


As the demand for their compassionate services surged, the Compassion 4 Paws team faced challenges in managing appointment requests and recording client and pet data.

The objectives included:

Streamlined Data Flow:

    • Implement a digital solution to streamline the flow of data from initial appointment requests to service provision.


Automated Record Keeping:

    • Automate the process of recording detailed information from clients to enhance efficiency.


Enhanced Customer Experience:

  • Ensure that pet owners face no frustrations and annoyances when booking services.


Codup addressed the challenges by integrating and customizing Freshdesk and Airtable, offering a seamless flow of information and enhanced customer service.

The solutions included:

Full-Page Custom App for Freshdesk:

    • Developed three types of forms for their main services to record information provided by customers during calls.
    • Automated the creation of contact and ticket on Freshdesk with all information saved in respective fields under ticket details.


Integration of Airtable with Freshdesk:

    • Ensured that forms submitted via the website, saved on Airtable, were automatically pushed to Freshdesk.
    • Triggered the creation of a new ticket and contact on Freshdesk with all information saved accordingly.


Automated Data Entry:

  • Eliminated the need for manual data entry, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in record-keeping.


The integration and customization of Freshdesk and Airtable resulted in significant improvements in operational efficiency and customer experience:

Business Automation:

    • The automation of manual tasks led to enhanced efficiency and allowed the team to focus on providing compassionate care to pets.


Enhanced Customer Experience:

    • The streamlined process ensured that pet owners faced no challenges when booking services, enhancing their overall experience.


Efficient Record-Keeping:

    • The automated flow of information from the website to Freshdesk ensured accuracy and efficiency in record-keeping.


With Codup’s tailored solution, Compassion 4 Paws not only enhanced operational efficiency but also elevated the level of comfort and convenience offered to pet owners during the sensitive moments of their pets’ last days.

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