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Compassion 4 Paws

Realizing the need for an in-home pet euthanasia service, Dr. Sara founded Compassion 4 Paws in 2012 and has since grown it to a team of dedicated veterinarians who are passionate about giving the care and dignity pets deserve during their last days.

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Compassion 4 Paws

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Michael Grabham

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When a pet owner faces the difficult decision of life and death for their pet, the best thing they can give to their pet is utmost comfort. And nothing is more comfortable for a pet than what they call home. That’s when pet owners turn to Dr. Sara and her team at Compassion 4 Paws and schedule an appointment for in-home euthanasia.

It was all smooth sailing – except when demand for in-home pet euthanasia services surged and it became difficult to keep tabs on all the appointment requests and recording data of clients and their pets.

The main challenge was in the initial quoting process. With every pet and its condition different from the other as well as other factors like the location where the service was requested, the only way they could provide a quote was after taking detailed information from the client – either on-call or via a web form.

As the business expanded, keeping tabs on all those records became a pain for the team. A digital solution that streamlined their data flow was top-of-mind for the team.

That’s what sent Mike Grabham, Business Developer at Compassion4Paws in search of a software agency that understood and fulfilled what they needed.

Proposed Solution

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Compassion4Paws was using the following software programs:

  • Freshdesk customer service software to create tickets about new appointment requests and customer issues
  • Airtable database to record information about their clients
  • Whenever a customer landed on their website and used the online appointment feature, he or she would be redirected to a detailed form page where they would be asked to enter detailed information about their pet. Those webforms were integrated with their Airtable database and so, all information was being pushed and saved on Airtable.

    Empowered with Freshdesk, Compassion4Paws now aimed to elevate their customer experience and make sure they gave the most comforting experience to pet owners as well. The problem was syncing both their platforms – Airtable and Freshdesk – so they wouldn’t be required to manually enter all data saved in Airtable in Freshdesk. Since all information of contacts was saved in Freshdesk, they wanted all relevant information about their customers (like their pet and past history) saved alongside as well.

    To serve their needs, we developed and delivered these digital solutions for them:

    A Full-Page Custom App for Freshdesk: This app contained 3 types of forms for their main services. Whenever a customer called them, an agent would take all this information before giving them a quote. The agent would use this custom app on Freshdesk to enter and record all information the customer on call provided. When the information was submitted, contact and ticket were automatically created on Freshdesk with all information taken via the form saved in respective fields under ticket details.

    Integration of Airtable with Freshdesk We also integrated Airtable with Freshdesk so that all forms submitted via the website, which were being saved on Airtable, were being pushed to Freshdesk as well. With this integration, any form submitted via the website would also trigger a new ticket and contact on Freshdesk with all information saved in respective fields under ticket details.


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Business automation is an investment that always yields amazing results. With our custom Freshdesk app and Airtable-with-Freshdesk integration, Compassion4Paws could now step up their customer experience and reduce wastage of human resources by automating manual tasks. Comfort for pets was already the main objective and the driving force of their business. But now, they took it to the next level by making sure their customers – the pet owners – faced no frustrations and annoyances when booking their services.