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Seacoast bank

Seacoast bank was founded in 1926 with the aim to improve their customer’s lives. With the recession in Florida in 1924, most banks shutdown and taking credit was almost impossible. This opened up an opportunity for Seacoast Bank.  

Project Name :

Seacoast bank

Client Name :

Ricardo Castro

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Our client, a well-established bank, understood the significance of branding in business growth. Therefore, they made substantial investment in branding and marketing. One of their initiatives was getting a range of branded merchandise to offer to employees, clients, and other business partners. 

Seacoast wanted to build two e-commerce platforms which could facilitate both their employees and business partners. Both sites had different use cases and thus came with their own set of requirements.

Many times, employees working for Seacoast needed to offer their clients branded merchandise and so, Seacoast wanted to provide its employees with access to a platform where they could easily order the branded merchandise for their clients. Each employee was given a set budget and their own credentials to order the merchandise. Security was paramount for this website, which needed to be only accessible for employees. 

With our award-winning team of web developers, Codup knew exactly what the client required after the briefing and got to work to spin up the two websites as required.

Proposed Solution

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We built two separate WP websites.

B2B Site: 
We created a B2B site for selling products in bulk to authorized buyers of the bank. We also set up a staging server for the B2B site and provided the hosting environment along with the staging server.

We set up the WP website using the Sway theme and designed the website using the default features of the theme.  The B2B site had the following plugins setup:

  • WooCommerce
  • B2BWoo
  • Contact form 7
  • Cost of goods 
  • Min/Max quantities  
  • Bulk generate coupons 

The backend feature that we built were:

Admins and users:

The admin will be the one who will manage the website. As far as users, we created two types of users.

Logged in users and non-logged in users: 

Logged in users will have access to place orders while non-logged-in users can visit and view the products page. But if they click on any product then they will be redirected to the login page.  We understood the need of the client as far as security was concerned. This is why, we offered to create an additional layer of security on the website. 
  • Any visitor coming on the website will see a screen asking for the key to enter the website.
  • The key will be provided by the bank’s site admin (b2b website), off the site to the user.
  • After entering the website by adding the key, the user will be able to see the website but he won’t be able to order anything till the user logs in.
We understood that there was no need for a payment gateway for the website because buyers were only going to buy as per their allocated budgets. Furthermore, we setup the frontend on the Sway theme. The home page had the following features:

  • Home
  • Product categories
  • FAQs
  • Contact us
  • Manage budgets (displayed to the logged in user only) 
  • A banner image after the navigation bar
  • Home
  • My account
  • FAQs
  • Privacy policy
  • Terms of use
We also created more pages such as:

Shop page:
Created to display the products.

Product categories page:
Created to display the product categories.

Individual category page:
Created to display products associated to a particular category. 

Individual product page:
Created to provide a product view with all the related information of the product.

Dashboard page:
We developed a login page with five additional options
  • My account page: having all the account information related to the user.
  • Shipping address page: static page displaying the shipping address information.
  • Orders page: the data of all the orders that user have placed on the website.
  • Change password page: the page will be displaying the fields
  • New password: text input field (mandatory)
B2C Site: We also created a B2C site for our client with many features being the same other than some of the below mentioned ones:

We chose Stripe as the payment gateway for processing the payments of the users buying from the site. We disabled cash on delivery and check payments as per the client’s requirements.

Furthermore, we disallowed the bank’s employees from shopping on that website by restricting their cards issued by the bank. These cards have their own unique 4-digit numbers and are provided by the bank to its employees for shopping purposes. Using the Radar module offered by Stripe, we restricted the usage of those cards on the B2C site.


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Seacoast Bank was completely satisfied with our solution. They found it viable for their operations. We delivered them with two WP websites, meeting their B2B and B2C needs both. With our expertise in WP development, we delivered our client exactly what they were looking for.