American Direct Funding

American Direct Funding is a lending company that makes it easy for small and mid-sized businesses to obtain funds in a simple, efficient, and hassle-free manner. Their aim is to evolve from an outdated lending process to a simple and efficient business funding model.




Systems Integration


American Direct Funding was on a quest to refine its business funding model. The traditional lending process, although functional, lacked the efficiency and automation needed to cater to the dynamic needs of small and mid-sized businesses.

The objectives were clear:

Efficient Lead Generation:

    • Revamp the website’s interface to facilitate a seamless and user-friendly lead generation process.


Seamless CRM Integration:

    • Ensure that the leads generated are automatically integrated into the CRM, enhancing data accuracy and efficiency.


Automated Workflow:

  • Eliminate the manual process of data entry into the CRM, fostering a more streamlined and efficient operation.


Codup, with its expertise, embarked on a journey to transform American Direct Funding’s operational efficiency, implementing:

Multi-Step Gravity Forms:

    • A sophisticated, user-friendly multi-step Gravity Forms solution was integrated into the website.
    • The front-end development was enhanced, promoting an intuitive user experience and efficient lead generation.


Freshsales CRM Integration:

  • A seamless integration with Freshsales CRM was established, ensuring automatic entry of leads generated on the website.
  • This integration eradicated the need for manual data entry, promoting data accuracy and operational efficiency.


The transformation was evident, and the benefits, substantial:

Enhanced Operational Efficiency:

    • The automation of the lead management process led to a significant reduction in manual interventions, boosting operational efficiency.


Increased Lead Generation:

    • The intuitive multi-step Gravity Forms enhanced the user experience, leading to an uptick in lead generation.


Streamlined Workflow:

    • The seamless integration with Freshsales CRM ensured that leads were automatically managed, fostering a streamlined and efficient workflow.


With these strategic enhancements, American Direct Funding not only elevated its operational efficiency but also enhanced the user experience for its clientele, marking a significant stride in its journey towards becoming a leader in providing efficient funding solutions to businesses.


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