Slant Six

Slant Six is a brand dedicated to elevating retailers and brands by manufacturing 100% custom products. It aims to level the playing field between small groups and larger brands. With a worldwide reach and over 20 representatives globally, Slant Six is changing the way customers order products and conduct retail business.


Woocommerce, Wordpress


B2B eCommerce, eCommerce Development


Integration Complexity:

Codup was tasked with the intricate integration of a B2BWoo bundle into an existing client's website. Specific customizations and a theme revamp were essential to ensure a seamless user experience and functionality.


MOQ Enforcement:

The project escalated with the need to implement a system for enforcing the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for each product. Codup developed customized features to align with the client’s specific requirements.


Optimizing Sales-Rep Journey:

The final layer of complexity involved the creation of a customized feature designed to enhance the "Sales-Rep" user role journey within the store, ensuring an optimized and efficient user experience.


Website and Plugins Configuration:

Codup expertly configured plugins and the website, including WooCommerce Deposits and B2BWoo suite, ensuring features accessibility upon customer login and integrating PayPal payment gateway.


B2BWoo Suite Enhancement:

Implementation of B2B eCommerce, product table, catalog visibility, wholesale product page customizer, and roles and permissions plugins to optimize the B2B interface.


Backend Customization:

Introduced Minimum Order Quantity, enabled partial payments before order completion, and customized the cart page, incorporating a re-ordering feature for enhanced user experience.


Frontend Development:

Implemented “The GEM” theme, configured pages to align with the theme’s layout, and developed a navigation menu and homepage as per the client’s design, ensuring intuitive product navigation.


Zekeke Plugin Integration:

Enabled the application of minimum order quantity functionality at the product level, allowing customers to modify quantities and select multiple sizes and styles, with conditions applied based on size selection.


Enhanced Checkout Experience

Introduced a 50% deposit requirement at checkout using WooCommerce deposits, streamlining the payment process.


Enhanced User Experience:

The improvements resulted in a more intuitive and engaging user journey for Slant Six Private Labels’ customers.


Optimized Website:

The integration of specific customizations and a new theme resulted in a more efficient and user-friendly website.


MOQ Requirements Met:

Codup’s customized features ensured accurate enforcement and management of the Minimum Order Quantity for each product.


Sales-Rep User Role Enhanced:

The development of a customized feature facilitated an optimized "Sales-Rep" user role journey in the store.


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