OGA, a company specializing in health shakes, aimed to elevate its customer experience by introducing subscription boxes. The goal was to allow customers to receive a customized selection of FOGA shakes regularly, thereby capturing recurring revenue and enhancing customer convenience.


PHP, Woocommerce, Wordpress


eCommerce Development


Lack of Technical Infrastructure for Subscription Boxes

FOGA wanted to offer subscription boxes to their customers but faced a roadblock due to the absence of a technical infrastructure capable of supporting this feature. This limitation prevented them from allowing customers to create their own bundles and opt for a subscription service.


Inability to Capture Recurring Revenue

FOGA was missing out on a stable revenue stream because they didn't have a reliable system in place to manage subscriptions and automate recurring payments. This was affecting their business model and revenue projections.


Inconsistent Customer Experience

While FOGA had a loyal customer base, they were unable to provide a consistent and convenient experience to these regular customers. The lack of a subscription service meant that customers had to manually place new orders each time, leading to potential churn and missed opportunities for enhancing customer loyalty.


Custom WooCommerce Plugin for Build-a-Box Product Type

Codup developed a custom WooCommerce plugin tailored to FOGA’s specific needs. They introduced a new product type called 'Build-a-box,' allowing customers to select their favorite products and create customized bundles. Admins could specify the price, subscription frequency, and available products for this option.


Shortcode Integration

The custom plugin enabled the admin to add the box product anywhere on the site using a shortcode. This offered flexibility in showcasing the subscription option to customers.


Customer Flexibility

The plugin allowed customers to delay or rush their next delivery and change their box plan, offering them flexibility and control over their subscriptions.


With Codup’s tailored solution, FOGA not only captured recurring revenues but also significantly enhanced the customer experience, marking a milestone in their journey to offer convenient and healthy eating options. The custom plugin allowed FOGA to capture recurring revenue through subscription eCommerce without overhauling the business model.

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