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FOGA is a UK based wellness brand that aims to make it easier for people to eat healthy. They create delicious, organic, and plant-based products to enable their customers to improve their nutrition and overall health. Their main products include plant-based shakes that are created by freeze drying vegetables and fruits to preserve nutrition and increase shelf life.

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Ollie Thirlwell-Pearce

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Our client already had their store built on WordPress and WooCommerce through which they sold direct to consumers. However, to capture recurring revenue and to improve their customer experience, FOGA wanted to introduce ‘subscription boxes’ so their regular customers could simply select their favorite products, create their own bundle/box, and choose a subscription.

This way, their customers wouldn’t have to place orders again and again. Once subscribed, their own customized box of FOGA shakes would be delivered to their doorstep. This would also mean more revenue, increased sales, repeat business, and ultimately higher profits for FOGA.

To add this functionality on their online store, FOGA got in touch with CODUP.

Proposed Solution

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Our expert WooCommerce developers created a custom WooCommerce plugin that would simplify this complexity for FOGA.

We built the following features in our custom plugin:

  • A new product type called ‘Build-a-box’.
  • Allows admin to create the new box product and specify the price, subscription frequency, and products and categories of products for customers to add in the box.
  • Allows admin to add the box product anywhere on the site using a shortcode.
  • Allows customers to choose a box, add products in it from the options given, and checkout.
  • Allows customers to delay or rush their next delivery of products.
  • Allows customers to change their box plan.


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The custom WooCommerce plugin we developed allowed our client to capture recurring revenues through subscriptions while also improving their customer experience. The code we wrote followed all WordPress best practices so it was easy for our client to maintain and update when they needed it later.