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Find Your Healthy Place

The Healthy Place, previously known as Apple Wellness is the hub of top-quality health and wellness products in the United States. Established in 2010 with the mission to offer health and wellness to customers by inspiring and educating them to make healthy decisions in their lives. What started as a small brick-and-mortar store for vitamins and supplements, now also has a powerful online presence.

Project Name :

Find Your Healthy Place

Client Name :

Tim O Brian

skills :


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The Healthy Place required their brick-and-mortar & eCommerce store on WooCommerce to be integrated with a POS system developed by Lightspeed (an Ecommerce Company). Our client wanted this integration to help offer a better customer experience to their online customers resulting in an increase in their sales. The Healthy Place wanted to keep an accurate track of inventory. Errors in inventory management can lead to dissatisfied online customers, leading to an overall negative customer experience. Moreover, the client also required their management systems to be sync with each other and the POS system as this would result in price updates in real-time. They needed to have better and more efficient control over their functions.

Proposed Solution

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As Codup specializes in WooCommerce/WordPress development, API integration, and custom plugin development, we offer a one-way sync between WooCommerce and Lightspeed POS. We proposed an integration for the following functions:

  • Inventory: 

One-way sync from WooCommerce to Lightspeed POS. This will allow the products to be matched using the UPC fields and any changes in stock levels in Lightspeed POS will be updated regularly in WooCommerce.
  • Pricing:

A one-way sync from Lightspeed POS to WooCommerce. Any changes in product prices in Lightspeed POS will be updated in WooCommerce as well.
  • Customers

We proposed a one-way sync from WooCommerce to Lightspeed POS. This will make it possible to share the information of online customers with Lightspeed POS. New users will be verified in Lightspeed POS via their unique email IDs. If an email ID of a user is already present on Lightspeed, a duplicate user will not be created.  If a user is found on Lightspeed through an email ID and other fields of information are different then all the other information will be updated through the information on WooCommerce.
  • Orders

When an order is placed on WooCommerce, it will be pushed to Lightspeed (warehouse location) with a “Woo order” tag.
  • 2 Pack and 3 Pack Products

We proposed to set up a plugin that will help admins to group products together and add them to the WooCommerce store. This plugin will enable admins to create a pack of similar/related products.
  • Multiple Grouped Plugin

We offered to set up and configure the multiple grouped plugin, which enables the admin to group multiple simple and variable products along with their variants. If a product is sold, the inventory of actual products will be updated, not the grouped products. 
  • ZippyKind Integration 

For every order on WooCommerce the shipping address will be verified using Google API to know whether it is located in Dane County. If it is, then all the fields will be pushed directly to ZippyKind. If a customer provides an incorrect address or if the address cannot be verified by Google API, the plugin will push the order to Lightspeed POS tagged as “Invalid Address”.
  • Handling for Invalid UPC

In cases where our integration cannot find a UPC on both platforms (WooCommerce & Lightspeed POS), the system will generate the order but it will skip the products with an Invalid UPC from the order and it will be tagged as “Check Manually”. This will help the staff to identify and cater to such orders manually. 


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By integrating the WooCommerce & Lightspeed POS for Findyourhealthyplace, Codup was able to help the client by providing them hassle-free management of the both sides of their business. Our expertise in plugin development, setup and configuration allowed us to provide the client with a smooth integration between two platforms. This helped our client in offering their customers a seamless customer experience, resulting in an increase in sales & profits.