Find Your Healthy Place

The Healthy Place, previously known as Apple Wellness is the hub of top-quality health and wellness products in the United States. Established in 2010 with the mission to offer health and wellness to customers by inspiring and educating them to make healthy decisions in their lives. What started as a small brick-and-mortar store for vitamins and supplements, now also has a powerful online presence.


Woocommerce, Wordpress


Systems Integration, Web Application


The client aimed to integrate their WooCommerce eCommerce store with Lightspeed POS to enhance the customer experience and streamline inventory management.

The objectives included:

Seamless Integration:

    • Integrate WooCommerce with Lightspeed POS to streamline inventory and order management.


Real-Time Updates:

    • Ensure real-time price and inventory updates to enhance the online shopping experience.


Efficient Control:

    • Enhance control over business functions and improve the accuracy of inventory tracking.



Codup, leveraging its expertise in WooCommerce/WordPress development and API integration, delivered a one-way sync between WooCommerce and Lightspeed POS.

The key features included:

Inventory Sync:

    • Enabled one-way sync from WooCommerce to Lightspeed POS, matching products using UPC fields and updating stock levels regularly.


Pricing Updates:

    • Implemented a one-way sync from Lightspeed POS to WooCommerce to reflect real-time price changes.


Customer Data Sync:

    • Allowed the sharing of online customer information with Lightspeed POS, ensuring no duplicate user creation and updating user information as needed.


Order Management:

    • Orders placed on WooCommerce were pushed to Lightspeed with a “Woo order” tag, streamlining order processing.


Product Grouping:

    • Introduced a plugin to group similar/related products together, enhancing the product listing and shopping experience.


ZippyKind Integration:

    • Verified shipping addresses using Google API and pushed order details to ZippyKind for efficient order delivery.


Handling for Invalid UPC:

  • Identified orders with invalid UPC and tagged them as “Check Manually” for staff attention, ensuring accurate order processing.


The integration of WooCommerce and Lightspeed POS brought significant operational efficiency and enhanced customer experience for Find Your Healthy Place:

Streamlined Management:

    • The integration facilitated hassle-free management of both online and offline sides of the business.


Enhanced Customer Experience:

    • The real-time updates and seamless integration resulted in an improved shopping experience for customers.


Increased Sales & Profits:

    • The operational efficiency and enhanced customer experience led to a boost in sales and profits.


With Codup’s tailored integration solution, Find Your Healthy Place not only streamlined its operational processes but also enhanced the customer experience, leading to increased sales and profitability.

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