Travel Gossip

Travel Gossip is a platform where tour companies and agents, from all around the world can sign up and earn incentives by bringing in sales and logging bookings of travelers. It is a one-stop shop where agents can find amazing hotels for booking and get rewarded for it.




Web Application


The challenge was to develop a loyalty website that was not only user-friendly and feature-rich but also capable of evolving to meet the changing needs of the travel industry. The website needed to integrate advanced functionalities, provide detailed reporting, and manage an increasing array of bookings and rewards efficiently.


The enhancement of the website was strategically divided into six phases, each targeting specific areas of improvement:

Phase 1: Foundational Development

  • Established the core structure of the website.
  • Developed user registration, booking management, and initial reward systems.
  • Integrated user-friendly interfaces and backend systems.

Phase 2: Enhancing User Experience and Features

  • Upgraded the user interface for better navigation.
  • Integrated efficient tracking systems for bookings and rewards.
  • Utilized modern UI/UX design principles and analytics tools.

Phase 3: Advanced Reporting and Administrative Tools

  • Developed detailed reporting tools for administrators and users.
  • Enhanced management capabilities with customizable reports.
  • Implemented sophisticated data visualization and management tools.

Phase 4: Integration and Reporting Enhancements

  • Integrated third-party incentives into the platform.
  • Improved reporting features for payment statuses and email notifications.
  • Developed API integrations and enhanced database management systems.

Phase 5: Targeted Reporting Module Enhancements

  • Streamlined specific reporting functions and sponsor dashboard.
  • Implemented reporting data dropdowns and export functionality.
  • Advanced front-end development and data export tools.

Phase 6: Virtual Card Module and Enhanced Reporting

  • Introduced a virtual card system for cash incentives.
  • Added detailed reporting views for administrators.
  • Integrated virtual card technology and enhanced reporting algorithms.


The Big Agent Rewards website emerged as a leading digital platform in the travel industry, significantly enhancing the experience for UK travel agents. Notably, the client received multiple awards for this digital product, recognizing its innovation and impact.

The website successfully onboarded prestigious hotels such as Atlantis Dubai, Tampa Bay, Florida, and Harbor Club, St. Lucia, expanding its reach and offerings. The phased development approach ensured continuous improvement, adapting to industry trends and user feedback, leading to a highly efficient, user-centric, and award-winning platform.

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