Artist Network

Artist Network is a platform for artists around the world who like putting their creative energies out every hour of the day. Artist Network provides video lessons, art prompts, art hacks, creative publications, holds competitions and events, and much more.

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Project Name

Artist Network

Client Name

Jack Tyler



Our client reached out with a passion for art and an aspiration to fuel the growth of artistic talent. They wanted to build a platform where artists from around the world could connect to each other, post valuable content related to art, hold events and competitions, and even apply to jobs and get hired.

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Proposed Solution

Codup built a custom, responsive WordPress theme for Artist Network that resonated perfectly with their brand. While the front-end was full of colors and creative pieces of art, the back-end was just as powerful. Using off-the-shelf plugins like BuddyPress and Gravity Forms along with many other bespoke plugins, we developed the website from the ground up.

The website we built boasted some powerful features:

  • A social networking platform where artists could sign up and connect with other artists, share updates, send friend requests to each other and share their creative work with other artists.
  • A job portal where artists could add and edit their resume and employers could post job vacancies and shortlist the artists who applied.
  • An event booking platform where details of events and competitions could be posted and users could book their tickets or enter competitions.
  • Subscription functionality that allowed users to subscribe to their magazine and video workshops.


The website we built gave our client an edge in the competition with a vibrant but powerful website that allowed artists from around the world to connect with each other, get inspired, post jobs, hire artists, post events, book tickets, and so much more.

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