Artist Network

Artist Network is a platform for artists around the world who like putting their creative energies out every hour of the day. Artist Network provides video lessons, art prompts, art hacks, creative publications, holds competitions and events, and much more.




Web Application


Artist Network faced the challenge of effectively connecting artists, facilitating content sharing, hosting events, and managing job applications.

The objectives were:

Community Building:

    • Create a space where artists can connect, share content, and foster a sense of community.


Event Hosting:

    • Develop functionalities for posting and booking tickets for events and competitions.


Job Portal:

  • Implement a system where artists can apply for jobs and employers can post job vacancies.


Codup crafted a custom, responsive WordPress theme for Artist Network, infused with features to transform the artistic community experience:

Social Networking Platform:

    • Enabled artists to sign up, connect, share updates, and showcase their creative work.
    • Utilized BuddyPress and Gravity Forms, along with bespoke plugins, to enhance social interactions.


Job Portal Integration:

    • Artists could add and edit their resumes; employers could post job vacancies and shortlist applicants.
    • Facilitated a dynamic space for job postings and applications, connecting artists and employers.


Event Booking System:

    • Implemented a platform for posting event details and allowing users to book tickets or enter competitions.
    • Enhanced engagement and participation in artistic events and competitions.


Subscription Functionality:

  • Allowed users to subscribe to magazines and video workshops, enriching the learning experience.


The newly built website empowered Artist Network with a competitive edge:

Enhanced Connectivity:

    • The social networking platform fostered connections among artists globally, enhancing collaboration and inspiration.


Job Matching Efficiency:

    • The job portal streamlined the process of job postings and applications, connecting artists and employers effectively.


Event Participation Boost:

    • The event booking system facilitated increased engagement and participation in events and competitions.


Learning Opportunities:

    • Subscription functionalities offered enriched learning experiences through magazines and video workshops.


With these enhancements, Artist Network has become a hub for artists to connect, collaborate, find job opportunities, and participate in events, underscoring its commitment to fostering artistic talent globally.

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