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White Knight

Since opening its doors in 1990, White Knight is known as a trusted supplier of wheel accessories, providing the most complete line of accessories available in the automotive aftermarket industry. Their sole metric of success is their continual customer satisfaction.

Project Name :

White Knight

Client Name :

Adrian Rodgon

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White Knight wanted to make it easy and efficient for their customers to do business with them. That’s why they reached out to Codup for help with redesigning and revamping their website so that their customers find it informative and functional.

White Knight brought us a PDF that included a sea of information about all of their products and their different variations. They wanted us to use the information in the PDF and create a product catalog on the website.

The major challenge they presented was their huge range of products and the vast amount of variations each of their products came with. They even had different packaging types for all of their products.

White Knight was looking for an online product catalog that was easily searchable, filterable, configurable, and maintainable - all while presenting it in a visually appealing and easy to understand format.

Proposed Solution

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Codup took over the various challenges presented by White Knight. To create the web-based catalog, we designed 8-12 different product templates for them – for their simple and variable products. To account for their different packaging types, we created a custom post type that allowed them to show thumbnails of different packaging types.

We set up search functionality so their customers could search for their products and look up product information using SKUs and other attributes. To make it easy for them to maintain the catalog, we set up several different product import templates so they could use spreadsheets to add and edit products.


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As part of this B2B eCommerce Development project, we developed an intuitive online catalog for our client. The online catalog allowed our client to take the first step towards digitization. Their customers could now find all the information they needed about their products from a searchable, filterable interface - instead of perusing through pages of PDF documents.