White Knight

Since opening its doors in 1990, White Knight is known as a trusted supplier of wheel accessories, providing the most complete line of accessories available in the automotive aftermarket industry. Their sole metric of success is their continual customer satisfaction.




B2B eCommerce, Web Application


White Knight sought to enhance its B2B customer experience by transforming its traditional product catalog into an intuitive online interface. The company faced the challenge of converting a comprehensive PDF catalog, containing a vast array of products and variations, into a searchable, filterable, and easily maintainable online catalog.

The objectives were:

Digital Transformation:

    • Transition from a PDF catalog to an interactive online product catalog.


Search Functionality:

    • Implement a system where B2B customers can easily search and filter through the extensive product range.


Ease of Maintenance:

  • Create a platform that is easily updatable and manageable for the White Knight team.


Codup embraced the challenge and proposed a tailored solution, leveraging custom development to transform White Knight’s product catalog:

Custom Product Templates:

    • Designed 8-12 different product templates to accommodate the vast range of products and their variations.
    • Created a custom post type to showcase thumbnails of different packaging types, enhancing visual appeal and information accessibility.


Search and Filter Functionality:

    • Implemented a robust search functionality enabling customers to look up products using SKUs and other attributes.
    • Ensured that the online catalog was easily filterable, offering a user-friendly experience for B2B customers.


Product Import Templates:

  • Developed several product import templates, allowing the White Knight team to easily add and edit products using spreadsheets.
  • Ensured that the online catalog remained up-to-date and easily manageable.


The B2B eCommerce development project culminated in a state-of-the-art online catalog, marking White Knight’s significant stride towards digitization:

Interactive Online Catalog:

    • The transformation from PDF to an online catalog offered B2B customers an intuitive, searchable, and filterable interface, enhancing the customer experience.


Enhanced Product Accessibility:

    • Customers could easily access detailed information about products, eliminating the need to navigate through extensive PDF pages.


Operational Efficiency:

    • The ease of updating and managing the online catalog boosted operational efficiency for the White Knight team.


With Codup’s innovative solution, White Knight not only elevated the B2B customer experience but also optimized internal operations, marking a milestone in their digital transformation journey.

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