Multiply Eyewear

Multiply Eyewear is an innovative startup that is shaking the sunglasses industry by providing modern and beautiful sunglasses to a young and chic crowd. Providing designer-type sunglasses at a fraction of the cost, they want people to dress up accordingly for every adventure they set out for and sport a new pair of trendy sunglasses for every occasion.




eCommerce Development


Multiply Eyewear aspired to launch a dual business model – a regular online store and a subscription service where subscribers receive a new pair of sunglasses every three months.

The objectives included:

Dual Business Model:

    • Implement an online store with an integrated subscription model to offer a unique shopping experience.


Custom Pricing:

    • Enable special, discounted pricing for subscribers on every product in the catalog.


Style Customization:

  • Introduce a Style Quiz Page for subscribers to personalize their style preferences.


Codup, utilizing the Retina Amsterdam theme and Shopify Apps, crafted a bespoke e-commerce solution for Multiply Eyewear:

Shopify Store Development:

    • Built an online store on Shopify, customizing Liquid templates to align with the brand’s aesthetic and functional requirements.
    • Integrated a subscription model, allowing customers to receive a new pair of sunglasses every three months.


Style Quiz Page:

    • Developed a Style Quiz Page for subscribers to personalize their style preferences, enhancing the customer experience.
    • Implemented special pricing for subscribers, offering discounts on every product.


Custom Pricing Mechanism:

  • Enabled the store admin to set custom pricing for subscribers for each product, offering flexibility and personalized shopping experiences.


The integration of the e-commerce and subscription model yielded significant benefits for Multiply Eyewear:

Business Model Realization:

    • The dual business model was successfully implemented, offering customers a unique and personalized shopping experience.


Increased Subscriptions:

    • The Style Quiz and special pricing attracted a higher number of subscriptions, boosting revenue.


Brand Differentiation:

    • The innovative business model and personalized shopping experience positioned Multiply Eyewear as a distinctive brand in the market.


With Codup’s tailored solution, Multiply Eyewear not only brought its innovative business idea to life but also established itself as a trendsetter in the sunglasses industry.

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