PrintNow is an innovative solution that solves challenges faced by buyers and sellers in the print industry. An enterprise web-to-print solution, PrintNow provides tools for print providers, resellers, print packagers, and enterprises to help them automate workflows in their print business.


PHP, Woocommerce, Wordpress


Custom Software


PrintNow faced a significant challenge with their WordPress plugin, which integrates stores built on WordPress and WooCommerce with the PrintNow platform. The issue centered around a bug in the pricing calculator, disrupting the workflow and hampering the user experience.

The objectives were:

Bug Fixing:

    • Resolve the issue where users lost the calculator fields they had entered when they returned to the WordPress site after using the PrintNow platform.


Workflow Enhancement:

    • Improve the workflow to ensure a seamless user experience.


Theme Compatibility:

  • Build compatibility with a specific WordPress theme for one of PrintNow’s clients.


Codup’s team addressed these challenges with strategic solutions, including:

Local Storage Utilization:

    • Saved the selected values in the browser’s local storage.
    • Displayed the values once the user returned from the PrintNow platform, ensuring data retention and a seamless experience.


Shortcode Development:

  • Built a shortcode to ensure compatibility with a specific WordPress theme.
  • Enabled the client to display the pricing calculator seamlessly within their theme.


The refined plugin and workflow enhancements led to significant improvements:

Enhanced User Experience:

    • The bug fix ensured that users no longer lost their entered data, leading to a smoother and more intuitive experience.


Optimized Workflow:

    • The seamless transition between the PrintNow platform and WordPress site enhanced the overall workflow.


Theme Compatibility:

    • The shortcode development ensured that PrintNow’s client could seamlessly integrate and display the pricing calculator within their specific theme.


With these enhancements, PrintNow not only resolved the existing bug but also optimized the user experience and workflow, reinforcing its position as a reliable and user-friendly web-to-print solution.

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