Akools is a restaurant directory website for people in Saudi Arabia, allowing natives to search for restaurants in their neighborhoods using different search parameters.


Woocommerce, Wordpress


Web Application


The client, Areeg, envisioned a platform that not only lists restaurants but also offers detailed information and custom search options to enhance user experience.

The objectives were:

Custom Search Options:

    • Implement a detailed search option allowing users to filter restaurants based on various parameters.


Multi-Language Support:

    • Ensure the website supports both English and Arabic to cater to a diverse audience.


Enhanced User Experience:

  • Develop a platform that is user-friendly for both restaurant owners and seekers.


Codup, utilizing the flexibility of WordPress and custom PHP coding, delivered a feature-rich restaurant directory.

The key features included:

Restaurant Search Page:

    • Enabled users to search for restaurants based on city’s name, restaurant’s name, timings, location, category, tags, food types, and additional amenities.
    • Implemented auto-suggest dropdowns to enhance the user experience.


Restaurant Listing Page:

    • Displayed comprehensive information about each restaurant, including name, address, category, tags, food types, menus, privacy information, amenities, image gallery, phone number, region, and timings.


Restaurant Blogging System:

    • Allowed the admin to add posts related to specific restaurants, enhancing the content richness and user engagement.


Multi-Language Functionality:

  • Implemented a feature allowing the admin to enter information in either English or Arabic and enabling users to view content in both languages.


The development of Akools marked a significant milestone in connecting the people of Saudi Arabia with diverse dining options:

Enhanced Search Experience:

    • The detailed search options and comprehensive restaurant listings enhanced the user experience, making restaurant discovery seamless.


Multi-Lingual Support:

    • The inclusion of both English and Arabic ensured the platform catered to a diverse audience, enhancing accessibility.


Business Launch:

    • The client successfully transformed their business idea into a digital reality, launching their platform and starting to generate revenue.


With Codup’s expertise, Akools not only became a comprehensive directory for discovering diverse dining options but also a platform that enhanced the user experience through detailed listings and custom search options.

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