Gift Fairy Headquarters

Giving presents is truly a daunting task. The two main hitches – what to buy and where to buy – are what makes it so overwhelming. Gift Fairy HQ solves both the problems. An online gift shop, Gift Fairy researches and offers thoughtful gifts for different kinds of people and occasions so you get the best selection of gifts to choose from without being overwhelmed.


Woocommerce, Wordpress


eCommerce Development


Gift Fairy Headquarters was confronted with a significant challenge on its e-commerce platform. The issue revolved around the addition of gift wraps to products. Initially, when customers added a gift wrap, it was added as a fee instead of a product, leading to inventory management issues.

The objectives were to:

Inventory Management:

    • Address the issue of gift wraps being added as a fee, causing inventory management problems.


Enhanced Gift Wrapping Options:

    • Provide additional options for adding gift wraps to enhance the customer experience.


Improved Customer Experience:

  • Ensure a seamless and complete gift buying experience online.


Codup intervened with a custom solution, developing a tailored plugin for Gift Fairy to overcome the existing challenges:

Custom Plugin Development:

    • Developed a custom plugin allowing the addition of gift wraps as a product instead of a fee, resolving inventory management issues.
    • Enabled various options for adding gift wraps, including Free Gift Wraps, Surprise Me, and Premium Gift Wraps and Tags.


Enhanced Customer Experience:

  • The new plugin facilitated a more interactive and user-friendly experience for customers selecting gift wraps.
  • Addressed the inventory management issue, ensuring accurate tracking and availability of gift wraps.


The implementation of the custom plugin led to substantial improvements in the online shopping experience at Gift Fairy Headquarters:

Complete Gift Buying Experience:

    • Customers enjoyed a more comprehensive and user-friendly gift buying experience with enhanced gift wrap options.


Increased Sales:

    • The improved customer experience led to a boost in sales, underscoring the importance of user-friendly features.


Customer Loyalty:

    • The enhanced shopping experience fostered increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, driving repeat purchases.


With the new plugin, Gift Fairy Headquarters not only resolved the inventory management issue but also enriched the online shopping experience, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

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