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Airebeam Scheduler

Since the beginning of its operations in 2004, Airebeam has been providing wireless internet services to its customers in Arizona. The company differentiates itself by the quality of service they provide at a cost their customers can hardly compare.

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Airebeam Scheduler

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One of the major problems faced by every WISP company is customer service. Airebeam wanted to stand out and so, they wanted a solution that would help their customer service representatives assign particular tasks to their field technicians using a calendar. They wanted to make sure their field technicians were working on the task assigned and wanted a way for their technicians to report back to them.

They wanted Codup to develop an app that would help them manage their field technicians.

Proposed Solution

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Using the PHP framework of Code Igniter, our expert team of developers took over the challenge and developed Airebeam Scheduler App. The app allowed their customer service representatives to assign tasks to their field technicians and set appointments using a single calendar.

Our mobile-responsive app allowed field technicians to view their assignments and appointments on their screen and share the status back to the customer service representative.


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The custom Field Service Management software built for our client as part of this custom software development project allowed our client to improve their customer service and better manage their technicians.

As a result of this custom software, Airebeam’s customer service representatives could now assign tasks to field technicians and set appointments while the field technicians could also view those tasks on a mobile responsive app, update the status, and report back.