Post Dynamo

Post Dynamo is a social media automation tool built especially for the Twitter platform.




Product Development


Post Dynamo was conceived to optimize Twitter posting for enhanced engagement and consistency. The client sought a solution that could automatically tweet on Twitter profiles at different times of the day, ensuring a consistent and engaging presence on the platform.

The objectives included:

Automated Tweeting:

    • Develop a tool that can automatically post tweets at predefined times.


Tweet Variation:

    • Ensure that the tool does not repeat tweets within a 24-hour period and avoids back-to-back repetitions even after 24 hours.


User-Friendly Interface:

  • Create an intuitive interface where users can easily schedule tweets and monitor their Twitter activity.


Codup, utilizing a combination of PHP, jQuery, Ajax, and MySQL, developed the Post Dynamo software with features including:

Tweet Scheduling:

    • Users can create a list of tweets and add tweets to it, scheduling them for automatic posting.
    • The software allows users to set time slots for sending tweets, with the number of daily time slots equating to the number of tweets in the list.


Tweet Variation and Consistency:

    • Implemented conditions and rules ensuring all tweets selected by Post Dynamo for a day are distinct, avoiding repetitions within a 24-hour period.
    • The software is designed to avoid back-to-back tweet repetitions even after the 24-hour period.


Automated Posting:

  • At the predefined time, the software selects a tweet from the list and posts it on the linked Twitter profile, ensuring consistency in posting.


The development of Post Dynamo brought about significant enhancements in Twitter posting:

Enhanced Engagement:

    • The automated posting tool ensures that users maintain a consistent and engaging presence on Twitter.


Tweet Variety:

    • With rules to avoid tweet repetitions, users benefit from a varied and dynamic Twitter feed.


Revenue Generation:

    • Post Dynamo not only serves as a powerful tool for marketers but also as a revenue stream for the client, adding to their diverse product offerings.


With Codup’s tailored solution, Post Dynamo enables marketers to leverage the power of Twitter, maintain consistent posting, and generate significant traffic without the need to log in to their Twitter profiles.

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