Post Dynamo

Post Dynamo is a social media automation tool built especially for the Twitter platform.

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Project Name

Post Dynamo

Client Name

Racahel Rofe



One of our most valuable and loyal clients partnered with us to build a Twitter posting tool that could automatically tweet on Twitter profiles at different times of the day. Our client would then go on to sell and market this software.

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Proposed Solution

Using PHP, jQuery, Ajax, and MySQL, we built the Post Dynamo software for our client. Our software hosted the following features:

  • Allows users to create a list of tweets and add tweets to it.
  • Allows users to set a time slot for the software to send a tweet to Twitter.
  • The maximum number of time slots users can set in a day equal to the number of tweets in the list.
  • At the prefined time, the software picks a tweet from the list and posts it on the linked Twitter profile.
  • Applied some conditions and rules that made sure all tweets picked up by Post Dynamo for a day were different from each other and that it wasn’t repeating any tweets within a 24 hour period.
  • Made sure Post Dynamo wasn’t repeating any tweets back to back even after the 24 hour period.


This custom software development project involved building the Twitter posting tool from scratch, building features requested by our client. Powerful and easy to use, Post Dynamo – the software we built would allow marketers to leverage the power of Twitter, be consistent in posting tweets, and add a great revenue and traffic stream without even logging in to their Twitter profile. This software was also going to become a revenue stream for our client as part of their various product offerings.

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