Zendex Tool Corp

The invention of the GoJak self-loading wheel dolly marked the beginning of Zendex Tool Corp. Born out of necessity in Mr. Coccaro’s auto workshop in 1980s, the company’s self-loading wheel dollies and pneumatic jacks are now globally used in auto shops, rescue services, and aircraft hangers. In business for the last 30 years and with 5 remarkable product lines, the US-based manufacturer has gained a strong foothold in the automotive industry.


Woocommerce, Wordpress


B2B eCommerce, eCommerce Development


Zendex sought to enhance its online presence and user experience to tap into the growing digital market.

The objectives included:
Website Revamp:

    • Improve the UX of the existing company website to boost conversion rates.


B2B Features:

    • Add features catering to the needs of B2B buyers and integrate the website with business systems like QuickBooks.


Enhanced Online Sales:

  • Leverage online platforms to increase sales and customer engagement.


Zendex partnered with Codup to implement a comprehensive B2B eCommerce solution.

The key implementations included:

WooCommerce Store Setup:

    • Initiated the setup of the WooCommerce store and installed the exclusive B2BWoo theme optimized for B2B features.


Product and Catalog Creation:

    • Imported over 300 simple and variable products and created online catalogs using prebuilt layouts of the B2BWoo Astra theme.


Payment and Shipping Integration:

    • Integrated PayPal and Stripe for a seamless checkout experience and UPS/FedEx/USPS for efficient shipping services.


B2B Features:

    • Added Request for Quote functionality, Quick Order form, Catalog Visibility, and Pricing rules to cater to B2B buyers.
    • Implemented Buyer Roles and Permissions to meet the procurement needs.


QuickBooks Integration:

    • Ensured seamless data sync across products, orders, customers, and inventory between QuickBooks and WooCommerce.


Custom Functionality:

  • Added custom features for Dropshipping customers and customized the Address Management functionality to enhance the customer experience.


The partnership with B2BWoo led to a significant improvement in Zendex Tool Corp’s online presence and user experience:

Enhanced UX:

    • The addition of crucial B2B eCommerce features improved the website’s user experience, leading to increased customer engagement.


Increased Conversion Rate:

    • Zendex saw a substantial increase in their Google Ad success rate, attesting to the website’s enhanced ease of use.


Boosted Web Sales:

    • The revamped website not only attracted more visitors but also retained them, leading to improved web sales.


With B2BWoo’s tailored solution, Zendex Tool Corp not only enhanced its online presence but also optimized the user experience, leading to increased conversions and web sales.

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