Harrods is one of the most renowned departmental stores offering the latest collection of men’s and women’s fashion, luxury gifts, food, and accessories.




Harrods encountered a challenge in maintaining efficiency within its IT department. Although utilizing Freshservice ITSM to expedite issue resolution, Harrods sought to monitor the agents’ response and resolution times effectively.

The objectives included:

Monitor Efficiency:

    • Keep track of the IT department’s efficiency in terms of response and resolution times.


Custom Rules:


    • Implement custom rules for different agent groups and priority levels to ensure optimal performance.


Performance Analysis:


  • Enable the analysis of performance metrics to identify and address inefficiencies.


Codup crafted a custom app for the Freshservice platform, incorporating a suite of features to enhance IT efficiency:

Custom Rules Implementation:

    • Allowed admins to create custom rules for response and resolution times tailored for different agent groups and priority levels.


Performance Metrics Analysis:

    • Calculated response and resolution times, tagging tickets in case of rule violations to facilitate performance analysis.


Technology Stack:

  • Utilized a robust combination of Node.JS, jQuery, Ajax, HTML, and CSS to develop the custom app, ensuring reliability and efficiency.


The custom solution for Freshservice delivered substantial improvements in Harrods’ IT department:

Enhanced IT Efficiency:

    • The ability to monitor and analyze response and resolution times led to optimized performance and efficiency.


Customized Performance Metrics:

    • The implementation of custom rules facilitated tailored performance evaluations, addressing specific needs and challenges.


Business Process Improvement:

    • The enhanced IT efficiency translated into optimized business processes across the board, driving overall organizational performance.


With the implementation of the custom app, Harrods not only enhanced its IT efficiency but also bolstered its broader business processes, underscoring its commitment to operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

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