The Region’s Barber Shop

Located in Portage, Indiana, The Region’s Barber Shop provides quality haircuts and hot lather shaves to everyone who walks in. Their main differentiator is their superior customer experience and really listening to the customer about what they wanted – even tiny details that others would ignore!


PHP, Wordpress


Web Application


The Region’s Barber Shop sought to elevate this experience by integrating a digital solution that would allow customers to book appointments online and enable walk-in customers to view available time slots and barbers in real-time.

The objectives included:

Online Booking:

    • Implement an online platform for customers to book appointments, enhancing convenience and efficiency.


Real-Time Information:


    • Display live appointment information at the shop to assist walk-in customers.


Enhanced Customer Experience:

  • Streamline the appointment booking and management process to elevate the overall customer experience.


Codup, leveraging its expertise, developed a comprehensive digital solution tailored to the specific needs of The Region’s Barber Shop:

Bookly Pro Plugin Customization:

    • Integrated and customized the Bookly Pro plugin on the WordPress site to establish the foundational architecture for the booking and appointments platform.
    • Enhanced the plugin to align with the shop’s specific business processes and requirements.


Custom React App Development:

  • Created a custom React App that fetched live appointment data from the WordPress site.
  • Displayed real-time appointment information on a Queue page, which was showcased on an Appointment Board at the shop.


The integration of the digital solution yielded significant benefits, marking a transformative phase for The Region’s Barber Shop:

Seamless Online Booking:

    • Customers enjoyed the convenience of booking appointments online, eliminating wait times and enhancing the overall experience.


Real-Time Appointment Information:

    • Walk-in customers were provided with live information on available time slots and barbers, facilitating informed decisions.


Business Edge:

    • The digital transformation not only elevated the customer experience but also gave the business a competitive edge in the market.


With the integration of the tailored digital solution, The Region’s Barber Shop not only enhanced its customer service but also positioned itself as a modern, customer-centric, and technologically advanced establishment.

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