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The Region’s Barber Shop

Located in Portage, Indiana, The Region’s Barber Shop provides quality haircuts and hot lather shaves to everyone who walks in. Their main differentiator is their superior customer experience and really listening to the customer about what they wanted – even tiny details that others would ignore!

Project Name :

The Region’s Barber Shop

Client Name :

Nathan Ingram

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It was no secret that their customers were digital natives who wanted an online platform where they could book appointments with the barber they liked and show up at the right time so they could head straight to the barber chair instead of killing their time while waiting.

Apart from an online bookings platform where customers could book reservations online, The Region’s Barber Shop also wanted to display an Appointment board on a big LCD screen at the front of their shop, so walk-in customers could instantly see which barbers and time slots were available for booking.

Proposed Solution

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The Region’s Barber Shop consulted Codup to develop a viable digital solution that would take their customer experience to the next level and give their business an edge.

We used the Bookly Pro plugin on their WordPress site to install the basic architecture for a Bookings and Appointments platform. However, to fulfill our client’s requirements and make sure the system worked as per their business requirements, we customized the Bookly Pro plugin so it was better aligned with our client’s business processes.

Codup also created a custom React App that fetched data from the WordPress site and displayed live information about appointments on a Queue page, which the client displayed on an Appointment Board.


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Our digital solution gave our client’s business an edge by providing their customers a seamless way to book appointments online. With online bookings, customers didn’t have to kill time while waiting in their shop while barbers could easily tell which of their time slots were booked.