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Salesforce Ben

Founded in 2014, Salesforce Ben is the largest salesforce blog in the world with 250K+ readers per month. It’s run by two passionate bloggers, Ben McCarthy and Lucy Mazalon. While Ben covers everything salesforce under the banner of Salesforce Ben, Lucy looks over The Drip, which covers everything salesforce marketing automation.

Project Name :

Salesforce Ben

Client Name :

Ben McCarthy and Lucy Mazalon

skills :


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To increase traffic on their blog and increase user engagement on their site, Salesforce Ben installed the One Signal app on their WordPress website. The purpose of the application was to send push notifications to their blog subscribers’ browsers.

There was a catch, however, that brought Ben and Lucy knocking on our doors.

Since the website basically had two different blogs under a single banner – Salesforce Ben and The Drip, Ben and Lucy needed a way to separate the notifications for their different audience and customize the notification so it would clearly show which blog it was related to. They didn’t like it that notifications for The Drip pages were being pushed under the banner of Salesforce Ben.

Proposed Solution

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A project manager was assigned and development and QA teams were created. Using settings and configuration options in One Signal application and One Signal WordPress plugin, we created a workflow so that whenever a person subscribed to either the Salesforce Ben blog or The Drip blog, a relevant tag was added so that notifications could be served to the right audience.

We also created user segments for the two different user types they had – the Salesforce Ben Subscribers and The Drip Subscribers. Finally, we customized the notifications so the right banner would display on them.


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As a result of the custom development of One Signal App and the One Signal WordPress plugin, our client was able to push the right notifications to the right subscribers. This greatly increased web traffic and blog readership for our client.