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Founded in 2014, Salesforce Ben is the largest salesforce blog in the world with 250K+ readers per month. It’s run by two passionate bloggers, Ben McCarthy and Lucy Mazalon. While Ben covers everything salesforce under the banner of Salesforce Ben, Lucy looks over The Drip, which covers everything salesforce marketing automation.




Custom Software, Web Application


Salesforce Ben, run by Ben McCarthy and Lucy Mazalon, faced a challenge with their One Signal application on WordPress. The blog, which has over 250K readers per month, includes two different sections - Salesforce Ben and The Drip, each catering to a distinct audience.

The objectives were:

Customized Notifications:

    • Implement a system to separate and customize notifications for the two different blog sections.


Increased User Engagement:

    • Enhance user engagement by ensuring that readers receive relevant notifications.


Traffic Boost:

  • Increase blog traffic by optimizing the notification system for better user engagement.


Codup, with its expertise in WordPress and application customization, provided a tailored solution to address the notification challenge:

One Signal Application Customization:

    • Utilized settings and configuration options in the One Signal application and plugin to create a workflow for subscriber tagging based on the blog section.
    • Implemented user segments for Salesforce Ben Subscribers and The Drip Subscribers, ensuring targeted notifications.


Customized Notifications:

  • Ensured that notifications were customized to display the right banner, aligning with the specific blog section, either Salesforce Ben or The Drip.
  • Addressed the issue of mixed notifications, ensuring clarity and relevance for the subscribers.


The customization of the One Signal App and WordPress plugin resulted in enhanced user engagement and increased web traffic:

Targeted Notifications:

    • The client could push the right notifications to the right subscribers, ensuring relevance and engagement.


Increased Readership:

    • The clarity and relevance of notifications contributed to increased web traffic and blog readership.


Enhanced User Experience:

    • Subscribers received notifications aligned with their specific interests, enhancing their reading experience and engagement with the blog.


With Codup’s intervention, Salesforce Ben effectively optimized its notification system, ensuring that readers received customized and relevant updates, leading to increased engagement and readership.

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