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If your business depends on bookings, appointments and reservations, you definitely need one of these WooCommerce Booking Plugins. 

Wondering how’s an online WooCommerce appointment booking system better than just taking appointments on phone and jotting them down on paper? 

Well, if you want that needle to move and achieve higher profits, a WooCommerce Booking Plugin might just be the simplest and most effective way to do that. 

Read on as we make the case for an online bookings website that manages all bookings and reservations.

WooCommerce Bookings Plugin = Higher Efficiencies, Customer Loyalty, Revenues, and Profits

If you still take appointments and bookings on phone, digitizing your business with a WooCommerce appointment plugin can translate to higher efficiencies, more clients, and elevated profits. 

Let’s look at some of the benefits. 

Higher Efficiencies:

When it comes to achieving profitability in your business, there are literally hundreds of things you can do from better marketing to more effective sales strategies. But the easiest and most cost-effective way is to increase your operational efficiency. 

A WooCommerce booking & appointment plugin lets you automate this time-intensive process so you can focus more on delivering high quality service while cutting back on HR costs and overhead expenses of phone calls. This ultimately results in increased profitability. 

More Customers:

When 85% of Americans go online daily while 31% are constantly online, having an eCommerce channel to attract those customers makes perfect sense. 

An online store with a WooCommerce booking plugin allows customers to browse your site anytime they want, get detailed information about your services and products, and even make bookings without ever placing a call. 

The ability to self-serve and book appointments without calling anyone is a huge advantage that will hook your customers in and keep them hooked just for the sake of the CX you’re delivering. 

With that said, let’s begin with our list of 11 best WooCommerce booking plugins that will increase your business efficiencies and profits. 

11 WooCommerce Booking Plugins To Deliver an Amazing Customer Experience

Here are Our Top Picks of WooCommerce Booking Plugins: 

Table of Contents

  1. Booknetic – An Easy to Use and feature Rich Booking Plugin
  2. WooCommerce Booking & Appointment
  3. WooCommerce Bookings – Developed by WooCommerce and Developer Friendly
  4. Bookly Pro – Powerful Features and Developer Friendly
  5. Amelia – Inexpensive Option 
  6. YITH Bookings – Best for Hotels and Accommodation Bookings
  7. WooCommerce Appointments – Best for Appointments Businesses
  8. Booked – Good Support and Basic Bookings Features
  9. Tyche Bookings and Appointments Plugin – Good for Multivendor sites
  10. Salon Booking System – Best for Salons, spas and beauty practitioners
  11. RnB Booking – Best for Rental Products like Cars, Bikes, Equipment, etc

#1-Booknetic – An Easy to Use and Feature Rich Booking Plugin

Booknetic is one of the top-rated and best-selling WooCommerce booking plugins on Envato. It is an excellent WordPress plugin with a great UI/UX design and an easy interface.

Main Features of Booknetic Plugin

  • Calendar sync to avoid double bookings
  • Automatic notifications and reminders to staff and customers about the appointments, payments, and sales offers
  • Online payments through the most secure and popular payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, Mollie, and more.
  • Ability to sell your upsell your services via WooCommerce payments
  • The plugin allows you to send notifications through messages, emails, and WhatsApp
  • Customization options to organize your booking flow
  • Customizable design to match your branding 

Why You Should Get It?

It is best for other businesses that work by appointments, such as doctors, hotels, business consultants, spas, and salons. Booknetic will be your great helper in this regard with its secure payment methods and different integrations and customizable templates.

#2 WooCommerce Bookings & Appointments by PluginHive

WooCommerce Bookings & Appointments by PluginHive is a powerful plugin that allows you to convert your time, products, or services into Bookable Resources. This plugin allows service providers & businesses of all types to easily integrate & empower their WooCommerce website with a booking solution. 

This plugin helps to sell bookings by the minute, hour, day, or month & choose how many bookings to allow per time slot. You can set minimum and maximum booking durations & allow users to edit and cancel bookings, within a minimum period before the appointment.

This plugin dynamically calculates booking costs based on customer preferences like the number of slots selected, additional charges, number of guests & service providers, etc.


  • Offers single and multiple-day booking
  • Send email notifications & reminders
  • Allow booking confirmation & cancellation
  • Sync google calendar 
  • Allow partial Payment & Deposits
  • Staff Management
  • Set buffer time between the bookings 
  • Complete control over the bookings
  • Individual or group bookings 
  • Create Bookings Manually

Why You Should Get It?

WooCommerce Bookings & Appointment by PluginHive is one of the top-rated booking plugins which lets you provide extraordinary booking experience for your customers 

#3 – WooCommerce Bookings – An All-Rounder, Developed by WooCommerce

woocommerce booking

If you sell any kind of bookable services or products, the WooCommerce Bookings extension can turn your brochure-ware website into an interactive online bookings system. With this plugin, your customers can book your services at their convenience. 

The best thing about this booking and appointment plugin is that it’s developed by WooCommerce. And so, if you trust WooCommerce, you can get this one without worrying about customer support. 

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Main Features of The WooCommerce Bookings Extension

  • Create fixed time slots or let customer choose their own time slots
  • Set minimum and maximum number of people in a single booking
  • Require confirmation of booking
  • Sync your calendar with Google calendar
  • Offer special pricing for specific times, groups or individuals
  • Send auto-reminders to reduce no-shows
  • Show ‘unavailable’ during the time a lot already booked
  • Integrates with other WooCommerce extensions like Product Add-Ons to add more fields to your booking form

The WooCommerce Booking extension also has several add-on plugins that allow you to add extra functionality to your online bookings store. With the Booking Filters for WooCommerce Booking addon plugin, for example, you can add a search and filter widget on your online store to allow customers to filter products and services based on their own availability. For example, if a customer is only available at 3:00pm Monday, he can filter the catalogue to only find services that are available at this time.  

Read More: How to Add a WooCommerce Booking Filter Widget On Your WooCommerce Bookings Site

Why You Should Get It?

If you trust the folks behind WooCommerce, the WooCommerce Bookings extension is the right pick for you. It’s secure, well-maintained, and robust with all basic bookings features needed for a bookings and appointments website. If more features are required, the plugin can be easily extended given its developer friendly features.

#4 – Bookly Pro – Lots of Add-ons and Fully Customizable


Bookly Pro is a highly rated and top-selling WooCommerce booking plugin on Code Canyon. It really shines because of its features and customizations. 

Main Features of Bookly Pro Plugin

  • Fully customizable booking form
  • Add unlimited number of staff members with individual working schedules and prices and give each of them the ability to manage their profiles and booking calendar
  • Add unlimited number of services and group them into categories with unique colors assigned to them for easier viewing on the calendar
  • Send email and SMS notifications with customizable templated
  • 2-way Google calendar sync
  • Various payment options
  • Multi-language support
  • Developer-friendly with clean and well commented code
  • Lots of add-ons to easily add extra functionality

Why You Should Get It? 

Bookly Pro is a feature rich booking and appointments plugin for WooCommerce. It has plenty of useful features and has so many extra addons that you’ll find all your needs met. But in case, you want some feature not already developed by them, you can easily get it with this developer-friendly WooCommerce plugin. 

#5 – Amelia – Inexpensive with powerful features

Amelia is one of the top WooCommerce booking and appointments plugin with more than 30,000 active installations of its free version. 

Main Features of Amelia: 

  • Beautiful front-end booking form with focus on smooth UX
  • Admin calendar view allows admin to view appointments in a dynamic calendar view that can be filtered by employee, location, service or category.
  • Search booking widget allows customers to search and filter bookings based on different parameters.
  • The Employees module lets you track appointments, manage availability, and specify the services they provide. Customers can also choose an employee when booking a service.
  • Add multiple services, categories and service extras
  • Sync it with Google Calendar
  • Realtime SMS notifications
  • 4 types of shortcodes to generate different front-end looks: booking form, search widget, catalog, and events booking view

Why You Should Get It? 

Amelia is a powerful WooCommerce appointment plugin with a small cost. The beautiful front-end views are one feature that really stands out. If you’re a spa, hairdresser, gym or similar business with multiple employees and services that can be booked, Amelia might be the perfect pick for you.

#6 – YITH Bookings – Best for Hotels and Accommodation Booking


YITH Bookings is specifically built to provide seamless booking of hotels, rooms, and accommodation. 

Main Features of YITH Booking for WooCommerce: 

  • Create fixed booking units or let users choose the duration of their stay
  • Set the minimum and maximum duration of booking
  • Require confirmation of booking by admin or accept bookings immediately
  • Create booking with different durations with options like months, days, or hours
  • Set all day feature in your bookings
  • Manage the booking cost by setting a base cost and an extra cost calculated based on the entire duration of the stay
  • Offer special pricing based on the dates of booking, number of people, duration of stay, and types of people
  • Set a maximum number of bookings for the same date for the same product
  • Add check-in and check-out information and show this information to users on the frontend
  • Choose whether to multiply the base cost of booking by the number of people 
  • Create categories like men, women, children, seniors and apply different pricing for these categories
  • Add extra services to your bookings and assign extra cost to them
  • Allow users to search for booking using different criteria like booking availability
  • Integrates with Google APIs to set a location
  • View bookings in a calendar view
  • Create bookings on behalf of the customer
  • Allow booking cancellation
  • Send email notifications to keep users updated
  • Calendar sync with Google Calendar, Airbnb, Booking.com, and HomeAway
  • YITH Booking theme included

Why You Should Get It?

If you offer hotel, rooms, and accommodation bookings, YITH Bookings is the perfect WooCommerce reservations plugin for you. 

#7 – WooCommerce Appointments – Best for Doctors, Life Coaches, and Other Appointment Businesses


If your business runs on appointments, WooCommerce Appointments is a neat extension that will provide all the features you need for seamless appointment bookings. 

Main Features of WooCommerce Appointments

  • Add-on fields with the option to add additional cost and duration with each field
  • 2-way Google Calendar sync
  • Manage staff and allow them to login and manage their availability and calendars
  • Create availability rules based on dates, day or hour and set breaks for holidays
  • Create flexible capacity rules by increasing or decreasing capacity based on your schedule
  • Create pricing rules based on staff booked, time of booking, or quantity booked
  • Time zone conversion allows you to display times to customers in their time zones while display it in your time zone to you and your staff
  • Fully integrated with WordPress and WooCommerce REST API which allows you to integrate this plugin with any third-party tool
  • Set padding time and lead time
  • Allow customers to cancel or reschedule appointments
  • Insert your appointment forms wherever you want on your site as a simple shortcode
  • Developer friendly
  • White label the plugin and customize the main calendar color to suit your brand

Why You Should Get It?

It’s best for doctors, dentists, life coaches, business advisors, nutritionists, and other businesses that run on appointments. 

#8 – Booked – Great support and best for simple appointments booking


Booked is another highly rated WooCommerce appointment booking plugin, recommended for businesses like doctors and life coaches that run on appointments. 

Main Features of Booked:

  • Create multiple calendars and assign them to your staff and give them the ability to login and manage their calendars
  • Create your custom calendar with time slots for vacations/ closed dates
  • Customize the colors with color pickers
  • Set buffer time
  • Let customers manage their own appointments
  • Let customers add to their Google Calendar
  • Email notifications with customizable templates
  • Fully responsive front-end and admin section
  • Display appointment calendar with a simple shortcode

Why You Should Get It?

Booked is one of the best WooCommerce Booking plugins. It’s robust, reliable, and has great developer support.  

#9 – Tyche Booking and Appointment Plugin – Integrates with Dokan and WC Vendors

booking woocommerce

The Tyche Booking and Appointment plugin is another robust software that will turn your simple website into an interactive booking system. 

Main Features of Tyche Booking: 

  • Email notifications with customizable templates
  • Offer special Prices for specific dates or time
  • Control costs dynamically based on number of days booked
  • 2-way Google calendar sync
  • Works with all kinds of WooCommerce products like Bundles, Composite, Subscriptions, Simple and Variable products
  • Allow customers to search for booking based on dates and time
  • Allow customers to change time and dates on cart and checkout page
  • Checks for availability in real time
  • Integrates perfectly with multi-vendor plugins like WC Vendors Pro and Dokan Pro

Why You Should Get It?

It’s a neat extension with awesome support. If you want to run a multi-vendor booking store, the Tyches Bookings extension might be worth checking out. 

#10 – Salon Booking System – Best for Salons, Spas, Beauty and Wellness Practitioners

Salon booking

As the name suggests, Salon Booking System is specifically built for salons, spas and beauty practitioners keeping in mind all the features needed for these businesses. 

Main Features of Salon Booking System: 

  • Create custom availability rules with controls like rules for the whole shop, for each service, each staff member, for specific dates and holidays.
  • View all your appointments on an interactive calendar where you cancel appointments and block out unavailable hours
  • Create as many services as you need with options like price, duration, maximum number of people to be booked, extra services, and availability rules
  • Add as many assistants as needed with options like availability, skills, Google calendar sync, and holiday rules
  • Email and SMS notifications to keep customers updated
  • Create coupons and discounts
  • Customize the booking form to make it look and feel the way you want
  • Accept payments on PayPal and Stripe
  • Three types of front-end shortcodes

Why You Should Get It?

If you run a salon or a similar business, the Salon Booking System is the right pick for you. 

#11 – RnB Rental – Best for Bookable Products like Car and Bike Rentals

Rnb Rental

RnB Rental is another WooCommerce Booking plugin that enjoys high ratings on CodeCanyon. It’s best for bookable products like car, bike, dresses, and equipment rentals. 

Main Features of RnB Rental: 

  • Request for Quote section to offer custom pricing to individual customers
  • Add unlimited bookable products 
  • Manage inventory
  • Control product availability
  • Order notifications
  • Local and global product settings
  • Day based and hour-based booking with calendar blocking
  • Different types of price configurations like flat hour rate, hour range-based pricing, monthly price, daily price, day ranges pricing, and kilometer-based pricing
  • Offer discounts in percentage or fixed amount and offer coupons
  • Specify security deposit
  • Full/partial payment
  • Late hour management
  • Customize booking form
  • Google Calendar sync

Why You Should Get It?

If you run a store that sells rental products like ski equipment, dresses, cars, bikes, etc, this plugin is worth checking out!

Conclusion – Best WooCommerce Booking Plugins

We researched all the different WooCommerce Booking plugins available and picked the best ones for you based on different types of businesses and features needed. 

Any other plugin you think should be added in this list? Let us know for sure!

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