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Designing and deploying high-quality landing pages is easier now more than ever. If you’re looking to create a conversion savvy landing page on WordPress, you won’t face a lack of plugins available for that purpose. 

But which one should you choose? 

In this article, we’ll outline the 10 best landing page plugins for WordPress. Once you’ve finished reading this article, you will be well on your way to select the best one.

But before we begin, let’s lay down some necessary groundwork.

Landing Pages Explained

In marketing terms, a landing page is a single webpage. Essentially, it’s a page that’s designed for marketing. Users “land” on the landing page through email newsletters, advertisements, and sponsored posts and videos and on Google, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. 

The difference between a landing page and a web page lies in the content. In the former, you have everything displayed right in front of you with a clear CTA encouraging you to take action. The latter encourages users to probe further into the content. 

It is primarily due to this focus that landing pages are useful tools in conversion rate optimization. 

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Why Do You Need One Of These Best Landing Page Plugins For WordPress? 

Before we list out the best WordPress landing page plugins, we need to look at the importance of a landing page plugin and why you might need it for your website. 

  1. Conversion Rate Optimization

Landing pages cater to targeted, preference-based content to the end-user. With such focus, you can increase conversions to your store. These conversions can include webinar sign-ups, purchases, or even newsletter subscriptions. 

All things considered; these plugins are a handy tool for conversion rate optimization. 

  1. Effective Advertisements

Landing pages are usually sponsored. The primary benefits a landing page has over a regular webpage is that instead of displaying information in chunks, it shows the range of offering of a product or service all in the same place. However, it is relatively lesser in content. 

If the user is interested, you can also redirect them to your website to explore your content even further.  

  1. Lead Generation

Landing pages are an essential tool in lead generation. When a user visits your landing page, the condensed information and design is displayed with accuracy. If you make the lead land on your website, you might lose the customer altogether. 

  1. SEO Boost

Landing pages provide that much-needed SEO boost by delivering the right people to your website. If such pages are optimized for keywords, it improves your position in search engine rankings. This, in turn, means more traffic is delivered to your website. 

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  1. Customer Data Collection

As a lead generation tool, landing pages allow you to capture significant demographics on your customers. From email address to newsletter users and more, landing pages are one of the handiest tools to have if you’re looking to get in-depth demographic information on your users. With the data, you can alter your marketing strategies to make them better. 

  1. Content Marketing

Being condensed and informational content, landing pages allow you to market the best of your offerings in the most effective manner. They break away from the clutter and allow you to focus on a range of products and services – enabling you to deliver your message in a streamlined manner.  

Features To Consider when Looking for the Best Landing Page Plugins for WordPress

Certain elements make a landing page stand out. In effect, landing page plugins must facilitate these elements to satisfy the user experience. While the items listed in this article pretty much have a range of powerful features, some solutions are highly-disappointing. 

To help you avoid the fuss of using such plugins, we’ve compiled a list of features that you should have within a landing page. 

Drag and Drop Features: 

A modern landing page usually comes equipped with a drag and drop feature. If that’s not present, you should at least have some website building features present. The benefit to the drag and drop builder lies in its name. They can let you place content boxes and design elements in the right places.


You don’t want to start building a landing page from scratch. Those days are gone. Templates provide you with a necessary foundation from which to customize your landing pages. If that’s not present, you should avoid using the product since it can prove problematic down the road.

Landing Page Elements: 

These landing page elements come in the form of pre-built templates. Using them, you can speed up your landing page development processes. You don’t have to start from scratch. All you have to do is use a template and customize it according to your brand preferences. 

A/B Testing: 

Landing pages are developed to speed up conversions. To gauge which page is converting more or less, you need to A/B test your landing pages. The landing page plugin you use should have A/B testing functionalities to help you create the right landing pages better than others.

Email Integration: 

This runs in tandem with the previous feature. You want to have someplace where you can capture data. Email integration allows you to build your email list and gain relevant data about your landing page.

Media Support: 

It’s all about great visuals nowadays. Cool infographics, captivating featured images, and visually aesthetic landing pages with video and image content capture the audience’s attention much more than written content. Your landing page creation platform should have support for media files so that you can add visual content effectively. 

Now, let’s look at the various plugins you can use to up your landing page creation game in 2020. 

1. Elementor

A clear winner in this category, Elementor, is the prime landing page plugin for WordPress. The plugin comes with various tools that can help you transform even the most basic of templates into a fully-customized WordPress landing page. 

Don’t take our word for it. Take the 2 million users who are currently using it to customize their landing pages. It’s drag and drop feature, coupled with a live-editor and over 300 design blocks optimized for SEO, can help you grab your audience’s attention and hopefully convert them. 

The best part? It comes as both free Elementor and Elementor Pro. 

As a cherry on top, Elementor has its own add-ons that can be added for more functionality.

2. Thrive Architect

Want to create attractive landing pages without coding? Try Thrive Architect

A highly intuitive page builder plugin, Thrive comes with over 120 templates that give you significant creative freedom. With it, you can customize just about every element on your website according to your brand’s voice.

The primary offering of Thrive is based on conversions. With so many customization options that include CTAs, buttons, and design blocks, you can improve your business’s conversion rates by a significant margin.

3. Qards

Qards’ intuitive page builder plugin allows you to create excellent landing pages. Coming with a beautiful drag and drop interface, among other design-centric features, you can develop conversion-savvy landing pages with ease. 

In terms of features, this WordPress landing page plugin comes with cover images, multiple fonts, grids, layouts, and templates – each one more customizable than the other.

4. WP Lead Capturing Pages

This plugin does what it says – it allows you to build high-converting landing pages with relative ease and simplicity. Being a landing page builder plugin, it has various design tools that can speed up your conversion rates with ease. 

It comes equipped with various integrations, shortcodes, and responsive templates that make this plugin stand out from the crowd in terms of functionality. 

5. WP ProfitBuilder

Creating a good landing page is challenging. Setting up your CTAs and content at the right places becomes a lot easier when you have pre-built templates that you’ve customized based on your brand. 

With WP ProfitBuilder, you can create great landing pages that can convert significantly. There are tons of pre-made layouts, grids, and templates that can help you get a feel for the best landing pages out there. Afterward, you can customize it according to your preference.

6. InstaBuilder

Instabuilder allows you to craft powerful landing pages with ease and efficiency. The plugin comes equipped with over 100 templates that you can use to customize your landing pages. 

Besides the templates, it comes with multiple features like CTAs, buttons, colors, and fonts that genuinely make your landing page stand out from the crowd. 

7. OptimizePress

Simple yet effective, OptimizePress is a useful landing page tool that can help you customize and view your landing pages in real-time. It does so primarily due to its quick and useful live editing feature. 

This landing page plugin has tons of templates that can take your offerings to the next level from a design perspective. As of this writing, this tool has over 40 customizable elements like headers, order boxes, testimonials, progress bars, and audio/video players. 

 8. Page Generator

A highly-intelligent landing page plugin, Page Generator allows you to build landing pages for various users based on keyword information.

The plugin operates through keywords; that much is already stated. What it does is that before a landing page is created, you can combine it with particular keywords. This ensures that the landing page you create is optimized for keywords and is highly-targeted. 

9. Special Prices & Promotions

This plugin is primarily geared towards eCommerce stores on WooCommerce. Suppose if you have products that you want to promote in your store. With Special Prices and Promotions, you can customize your promotional landing pages with efficiency.

10. WP PROCount

Mobile-responsiveness is the mainstay of any eCommerce platform. With WP-PROCount, you can create landing pages that are highly engaging, mobile-friendly, and responsive. 

The plugin comes equipped with multiple features that let you create powerful landing pages with a countdown clock. If you have limited time offers, you can use that feature to increase urgency and engagements.

In addition to being mobile-friendly, the plugin comes integrated with MailChimp so you can gauge the performance of your landing pages. On top of that, there are plenty of design-savvy features that make your workflows a lot easier.


So, now that we’ve finished our guide on the 10 best WordPress landing page plugins, it’s time we answer a pressing question: 

Which one should you choose?

Well, the simple answer to that is that it depends. Besides reading this guide, you should also check out each plugins’ official website, read its reviews and ratings in the digital market. By analyzing its performance, you can make the right decision on which plugin you should select. 

We hope that this guide is helpful to your processes.

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