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Composable Commerce is a term coined by Gartner in June 2020. The report refers to a modular approach to digital commerce known as Composable architecture. This modular approach to digital commerce allows businesses to have the flexibility to customize their tech stack by adding or replacing tech components as needs evolve. 

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But the question is, how does an Open SaaS platform like BigCommerce help achieve Composability? 

BigCommerce combines the best of both: Open Source and SaaS through a modular approach to eCommerce. Does it fit into Gartner’s definition of Composable Commerce? Based strictly on Gartner’s definition, perhaps not exactly.

However, BigCommerce, being an Open SaaS platform is built around the perspective and philosophy of MACH Alliance, which is the foundation of Composable Commerce. 

“BigCommerce has a clear commitment to a better way forward for IT architecture that is open and composable,” – Sonja Kotrotsos, Vice President of the Mach Alliance

With BigCommerce’s Composable Commerce approach, enterprises can choose best-in-breed vendors to create a robust, functional technology stack while providing the benefits of SaaS. It enables businesses to laser-focus on their eCommerce operations without worrying about the technical aspects of their business. 

Built for Composability Without Complexity

Enterprises no longer have to worry about knowing the technical aspects of website development. BigCommerce’s API-first architecture gives users the flexibility to choose essential commerce components for their stores and tailor the platform to their specific business needs. Not only that, the decoupled architecture can connect to leading third-party business applications, such as an ERP, OMS, PIM, and more, through reliable integrations. 

Simply said, BigCommerce lets enterprises build a strong technical foundation ultimately enabling them to quickly respond to the everchanging customer expectations. 

Provides Scalability 

BigCommerce allows businesses to scale with new growth strategies, increase their sales, launch new products, and optimize conversions, all without affecting compromising platform performance.

Store owners can keep up with customer demands, knowing that the platform can handle large catalogs and transaction values. They can easily add features like search, marketplaces, social media, powerful checkout buttons, and powerful B2B tools. This helps businesses provide a smooth omnichannel shopping experience, making them stand out from their competitors.

Low Maintenance, High Efficiency 

Unreliable platforms waste time, money, and resources securing their sites. BigCommerce helps store owners have peace of mind with easy platform maintenance, hosting, security, timely updates, and compliance. It may come with a high cost, but the investment means higher efficiency and focus on business operations that ensure success. 

Technical Partners to Build a Composable Bigcommerce Tech Stack 

BigCommerce certified tech partners such as Codup itself are experts in engineering and launching successful BigCommerce Composable solutions for businesses and commit to providing support at every stage. 

We at Codup can help you easily migrate platforms with a wide range of services, including project management, data migration, store setup, and more, so you can easily re-platform to BigCommerce.

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Take Your Next Step

Moving away from a monolithic solution isn’t only about upgrading your website – it is about having the right tech stack that provides the flexibility and agility to respond quickly to unexpected changes and evolving customer demands. While it might be a quick fix for today’s roadblocks, it will not sustain businesses in the long run. 

BigCommerce is the solution that will enable you to deliver cutting-edge commerce experiences today and in the future. Combining it with the expertise at Codup, we are your partners turning your long-term digital transformation into a competitive advantage. 

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