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Do you want to add a little more spark and glam to your WordPress site or designing front-end is a pretty technical job for you? 

If any of these is your case, then you’ve landed in the right place.

To add a little glam factor to your site to make it outshine, all you need is Elementor.

Arguably, Elementor is an optimum page builder developed for WordPress. It’s packed with some remarkable, versatile features to extend and enhance your site’s functionality to keep your visitors attracted.

The built-in functionalities are pretty extensive and sufficient to achieve your dream site look. However, if you still wish to extend its functionality, you can use Elementor addons.

Whether you want to change your homepage design, slider style or wish to make your site look fancier, there are addons for everything. 

Before diving deep into the pool of addons, let’s first understand what Elementor is.

What is Elementor?

Elementor, sounds swishy, right? Let’s get to know what exactly it is.

In the WordPress development space, Elementor is popularly known and is as common as WordPress itself.

Elementor is a website page builder. It is just like any other plugin that you can install from the WordPress plugins directory. Once you activate it, you can get your hands on the extensive features to create new attractive WordPress pages, posts, and customize blog posts or manage the existing pages and posts. 

Elementor is a code-free front-end page builder.

Talking about the addons or in other words extensions are integrated to give a functional and visual oomph to your sites conveniently. You get great features, widgets and extra functions to build and design your site to make it awe-striking. 

Guidelines to choose the Best Elementor Addons

Diving into the pool of addons, you might get overwhelmed with the number of Elementor addons available. But the problem is how to classify which is worth buying. 

Instead of indulging in the hassle of checking them turn by turn, which can break your site. To help you out, we have listed below a few bunch of things you need to look out for when you’re looking for suitable Elementor addons.

  • Price – the first and foremost thing you need to take into consideration is your budget. Before purchasing one, you must ponder over what additional features you need. Pick the one that offers what you require. 
  • Functionality – enable those functions you require and disable the rest because they might affect your site loading speed.
  • Customizability – the addon must offer flexible and plenty of customization options to cater to your site needs.
  • Updates and Developer Support – it’s essential to keep everything on your WordPress updated, including the addons. Ensure the one you’re choosing is updated continuously, and if you get into any trouble, you can reach them easily for support.

We recommend you to adhere to the above guidelines when you’re choosing Elementor addons for your site.

Best Elementor Addons for your WordPress site

Reading through the article, you now understand what Elementor is and what is the function of Elemento Addons. 

Without any further ado, let’s dive deep into the ocean of addons to explore, which are the top and unique Elementor Addons you should choose.

Ultimate Addons

Developed by the competent team of Brainstorm Force, Ultimate addons is one of the most pertinent addons that endow you with 200+ section blocks, 50+ widgets extensions and optimal designing features.

It’s well-optimized and pretty light in weight to ensure your site loading page speed isn’t compromised. 

Advanced features for making your site outshine

  • Customizable, mobile-friendly and responsive widgets
  • Pre-built templates and blocks
  • 50+ pre-built and captivating widgets


Ultimate Addon is a premium plugin with a plan starting from $55.

Annual Plan
  • Mini Agency Bundle – $169 annually
  • Full Agency Bundle – $249 annually
Lifetime Plan
  • The plugin – $249
  • Mini Agency Bundle – $499
  • Full Agency Bundle – $699

Anywhere Elementor Addons for Elementor

If you require a simple add on for your site, Anywhere Elementor is the one you should be choosing. Developed by WPDeveloper, it’s a pretty straightforward addon that facilitates you to add a library or global templates or pages to your site easily through shortcodes.

It’s a simplified addon that can help you extend your site functionality without any hassle.

New call-to-action

Advanced features for making your site outshine

The premium package features are:

  • Global Posts Layouts
  • Numerous pre-built templates
  • Support from the developer for Custom Fields
  • Ability to design 404 error page and search page layouts


You can check out the free version on the official WordPress site. To unlock advanced features, you can purchase the premium version from their site.

The plan starts at $25 per annum. 

Essential Addons

Essential Addon is a third-party addon developed by WPDeveloper has optimally crossed the milestone and reached 100K+ active installations. Among the third-party extensions available in the market, Essential Addons has the most number of active users. 

It is a freemium add-on that helps you in designing captivating and striking websites efficiently. In the free version, you get 30+ auspicious elements like Social Media, Post, Form Styles etc. The free version is pertinently sufficient to fulfil the primary needs of users.

The ‘Modular Control’ feature allows enabling/disabling any element when it is not required. 

You can get your hands on more extraordinary and outclass features if you upgrade to the premium version. The pro version allows you to access 59+ unique elements. Adding more to the list, you also get 100+ Ready Blocks.

Advanced features for making your site outshine

Some Free Version Features:
  • WooCommerce Product Grid
  • FIlterable Gallery
  • Advanced Tabs & Accordion
  • Sticky Video
  • Woo Checkout 
Some Additional Features in Pro Version:
  • Post Block (Flex)
  • Testimonial Slider
  • Interactive Promo
  • Advanced Google Map
  • Fancy Divider 


Go to the WordPress site to check the free version of the add on. 

To upgrade to the pro version you can purchase, 

Basic Bundles
  • 1 Website package – $39.97 per annum 
  • Unlimited package – $69.97 per annum
  • Lifetime Unlimited package – $169.97
Agency Bundles
  • Agency Bundle Unlimited-$299
  • Agency Bundle Lifetime Unlimited-$699

Elements Kit

Elements Kit is an all-rounder add-on that facilitates building a comprehensive and intricate design on your site to make it outshine. 

You get multiple modules under this one addon  including, Mega Menu and Head Footer builder, LayoutKit and many more. You can also access 55+ customized widgets. 

Advanced features for making your site outshine

  • One Page Scroll 
  • Parallax Effects
  • Sticky Content 
  • Multi Widget Area
  • Pre-design Templates
  • Readily available pages, widgets and sections


The good news is you get this plugin free of cost. Visit the Official WordPress plugin repository to download it.

HT Mega Absolute

 HT Mega Absolute is an all-in-one add-on aptly named and developed by Has Themes comes with a complete set of remarkable features that will help you build striking and competent web design. 

It offers 80+ elements along with 360 blocks that give you ample freedom to build attractive web designs. It also provides some implausible features like sales notification or FOMO, 404 templates, template/ theme builder for search customization and many more.

 Advanced features for making your site outshine

  • Header and footer builder
  • Retina Ready
  • Google Fonts Support
  • Menu Builder
  • Mobile Responsive


It’s a freemium plugin. You can download the free version from the Official WordPress plugin repository. 

To get additional advanced features, purchase the plugin from their website. The premium plan license starts at $59/site. 

Wrapping it Up

In this article, we have covered the five best free & premium addons for Elementor. There are much more freemium ones available. Make sure to check them out and follow our guidelines before choosing any Elementor addons for your WordPress site.

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