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Agile vs. Waterfall -which one to choose to execute a better software development project?  Project analysis is a great skill and this is what’s going to help you choose between the two. If you have one such skill, you are probably going to make the right decision. In software development, two methodologies find the most application. Waterfall and agile methodologies for project execution. There is often debate about choosing the right methodology, waterfall vs agile. Continue on reading to find out what will work best for you.

Let’s look at a brief introduction of both!

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Agile vs. Waterfall: A Brief Introduction 

Before we begin and reach the depth of the sea, it is necessary to consider what these terminologies bring for you. Every term that we see around us carries two meanings. One for the good minds and the other in a layman language. Here, we will focus on the latter so you know what each means most easily. But you need to consider that each methodology brings pros and loopholes. Thus, you need to decide on the factors you read. However, do not worry since we will present you our verdict at the end likewise. 

Waterfall Methodology

Consider this methodology for the ones who love to do everything by the rule book. They commence according to the given standards. And finish the task through the same considerations. But this also means they do not look for anything outside the box. Often, you will argue that looking for other sources is a good thing to have. But for this methodology and its followers, there is no such respite. 

That is why most users or performers of this methodology face difficult decisions or situations often. But we promised you to bring pros alongside the negative aspects. Here, we have a brief summary of them. The best part is to follow a pattern that the best have outlined. But on the downside, you will not find a second route towards project completion. 

Agile Methodology

Now some such people love to go their own way. For them, following an agile prospect bores fruitful results through their decision-making. The project guidelines remain the same. But the demand is to complete the project. And not through a specific route only. The best thing about such a method is that people find themselves empowered. Hence, they look to serve the same way and find better solutions everywhere. 

But the downside to this methodology is that people often lose the final hurdle. They look for exquisite ways but often overshadow the basics. For them, it becomes difficult to look for the proper solution. Or at least find from where the problem initiates.

In short, this brief introduction tells us that each method carries its charm. But each such category does not save you entirely from defects and faults. Hence, it comes down to personal preferences and which method to choose. Often, by the outline, people look to go by the books. But a few dare to choose their way. And people that follow the latter succeed more. However, this does not mean you remove the first category from the list. 

Waterfall Methodology vs. Agile: Detailed Advantages and Limitations 

Since we want to help you out in considering which method is the best. We also want to present to you the advantages of Waterfall Methodology vs. Agile. But we do not stick to the best aspect only. In essence, we present a comprehensive model that makes judging easy for you. 

Agile Advantages 

  • Agile wants to bring clients into the mix at all costs. Thus, you will find clients giving their inputs and making a call during different project phases. 
  • Each team in this methodology carries its duties and responsibilities. Thus, they find themselves having an easy or manageable load. Hence, they bring the best out of themselves. 
  • This is a highly incremental setup. It means you will find progress in phases. And thus, there is easy identification of the completed processes of a project.
  • People can also make use of the software development method. This agile method ensures that your project has the best development ongoing. 

Waterfall Advantages 

  • Waterfall methods are best if you like to follow the sequential approach. Thus, this process goes in a specific or orderly way. 
  • In essence, only small projects work best under this project management methodology. 
  • Since the sequence is to be followed, thus you will see quick project completion. But this completion happens in the only way. 
  • When you experience a shifting or shakeup of your teams. You will need to adapt to this method at best. 

Primary Aspects where they Lack

Once you finish reading the advantages, you will need to know where they lack as well. But considering the project management. We will present you with the necessary drawbacks only. 

Managing large projects is not ideal in a waterfall methodology. You need a high degree of clarity in the following method. For a misconception, you will have no choice but to correct it later. In short, it is difficult or impossible to reach the previous or completed process and to alter them. 

In agile, you cannot work on small projects. The costs sometimes increase but that depends on the employer. Although decision-making is independent. But often you will need an expert to make them. Unlike the waterfall method where perfection needs to be at the start. If there is a misconception at any stage of the project, it will result badly. 

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Waterfall vs. Agile: Our Verdict and Reasoning 

Once you have read it all, it comes down to our verdict. Since we deal with these methods a lot, the perspective of the professionals is also a requirement. And through their eyes, we find that the agile method of management is the best. Our expertise and beneficial side look for the same approach likewise. 

To back up our stance, we have some good facts for you too. But before moving further, there is something why we need to pick this method over agile vs waterfall. If you look closely, the agile method works the best for large projects. If on a small scale, there is no doubt you will expand further. And for this, your mentality needs to be sharp and clear. 

1.   Project Nature

For bigger projects, only agile methods commence and finish ideally. In addition, there is little risk in this since big projects include a leadership figure every time. Since the cost is a factor of concern, big project developers always carry the cash. Hence, all you need is a good team having a good leader. Else, everything goes to plan and completes ideally. 

2.  Project Testing 

The agile method gives you a good testing procedure in addition. Where waterfall methods lack is that testing happens after the total completion. Thus, you will find less support if you encounter damage at the end. In essence, you will need repetition of the process. However, in agile the other way around, testing occurs in short intervals. This makes you figure out what project portions bring the ideal results. And which portions will need further considerations. 

3.  Client Favoring 

From a client’s perspective, there is great freedom through the agile methodology vs waterfall. It is because you as a client can give thought to different processes of the project. You will find to have your say in specific areas as well. This method works in bunches and through diverse teams. Each team carries a different responsibility. An easy workload helps to bring the best out of them. 

4.  Project Flexibility 

Flexibility on offer is what makes this process acceptable and easy to adopt. In addition, while you finish the project and complete the requisites and find an issue to deal with. There is no barrier for you to consider since you can edit any time. The iterative approach favors flexibility of the highest order. You have a limited task ahead of you. Once you complete, you undergo the testing. After a positive result, you can easily move to the next phase. 

5.  Manageability 

Often, people debate that there is no need for a good manager even though one is necessary for waterfall methods. The perspective is that you will find small teams in an agile method. Thus, there is no need to look after them since they have limited tasks on their hands. And interchangeability makes it all look easy. 


The final decision lies in your hands. But it is a good practice to look for what the experts say. Waterfall vs. agile methodology both go hand in hand in different industries. Here at Codup, we use a hybrid of both, dubbed as ScrumBan, to deliver projects on time and within budget, every time.

We’ve been perfecting our culture and processes for the last 9 years and have managed to optimize our productivity and efficiencies. This allows us to consistently deliver projects on time and within budget, every time. 

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