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As a B2B business, you want to improve your customer acquisition rates, right? You would want to get more value from your existing customers instead of targeting new leads – which, is a huge challenge, in and of itself.

From creating text-based CTAs and A/B testing your landing pages to optimizing your high-performing blog posts, there are plenty of CRO strategies you can employ to improve your conversion rates.

But what if we told you that there is a plugin available that can boost your conversion rates, without you having to incur additional customer acquisition costs?

Unlike B2C eCommerce, your B2B buyers are your long-term partners, and since the majority of them are involved in bulk-buying, you would ideally want to ensure that their buying process is as seamless and uncomplicated as possible, right?

Quick Order for WooCommerce by helps you achieve that level of seamlessness, without dedicating your budget in acquiring customers.

WooCommerce Quick Order Form

Designed to make your B2B purchasing processes quick and efficient, WooCommerce Quick Order comes equipped with a quick order form that helps you deliver a streamlined shopping experience for your buyers.

If you have a setlist of B2B buyers that purchase regularly from your eCommerce store, the entire process of sifting through product catalogs becomes not only difficult but time-consuming as well.

The WooCommerce Quick Order Form helps your buyers skip that lengthy process by providing them with your stores’ complete catalog of available SKUs within the search field of the form.

This allows them to instantaneously add the products on the bulk order form, set their required quantities, and proceed to checkout – without the additional steps required to manually search, add a product to cart, and checkout.

Quick Order and Conversion Rate Optimization

The fact that this plugin allows you to skip the additional steps mentioned above is an important one in the context of boosting conversion rates.

How, you might ask?

For that, we have to first describe the inherent nature of B2B relationships. B2B partnerships are generally long term. B2B buyers are focused on purchasing bulk items, unlike B2C buyers; where they buy consumer products generally in fewer quantities.

Also, it is important to note that targeting new B2B buyers is a lengthy procedure requiring significant time and investment. Because of this, it makes sense to improve the conversion rates, and the customer experience of your existing customers – making it as efficient and convenient as possible.

WooCommerce Quick Order, because of the convenience it provides, acts as a support tool to your CRO strategies, boosting your conversion rates even further in the process.

Looking to improve your conversion rates? Try WooCommerce Quick Order today! 

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